Taking A Hit, AR

I had no idea that AR suffered such loss of players last year to present. “Taking a hit" is not accurate. Multiply that by twenty, that is more like it. OL losses started with Zack Roger at Center. We could never replace him adequately. Also lost Jake Heinrich, Jalen Merrick, Dylan Hays due to injuries. Loss on receivers: Kofi Boateng, Knee injury & Medical Hardship. Maleek Barkley transferred to Montana State. Brandon Martin, academic issues. Jonathan Nance, Redshirt and Grad. Transfer. Jarrod Barnes, transfer. On TE: Jack Kraus and Austin Cantrell left before their eligibilities were up. Will Gragg transferred to Pitt. DE: Jake Hall transferred SMU last year. On LB: Josh Paul, left before Chad Morris got there. Kyrel Fisher, transferred after four games. Nichol Back Derrick Munson, transferred with one game remaining. DB: Reid Miller and Korey Hernandez transferred after the Spring drill. Nate Dalton, who was suspended in Tulsa game, left the team. Kicker Cole Hedlund, transferred last December to North Texas. Regardless, that should explain to some extent why we were so short-handed and could not compete up to expectations. Source: 247 Sports, by Trey Biddy, 11/26/2018.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://247sports.com/college/arkansas/ … 125388261/”>https://247sports.com/college/arkansas/Article/Arkansas-football-transfers-2018-125388261/</LINK_TEXT>

Add Calloway from your referenced source article. On paper, there was a lot of talent that was missing this year, but other than the O-Line and Calloway’s untimely departure early in the season, I am not sure any of the others would have made a difference in the W-L column. That these talented players couldn’t break into the depth chart is what is more disturbing to me. I’m not sure what happened to some of them–so much hope and potential, so little production. But, it is what it is. This season is over. I can only look forward. To do otherwise, sinks me into the depths of a ditch that has slippery slopes and which I don’t want to wallow. We must focus on the future. To continue this self-flagellation that has descended on the board only deepens the likelihood of more disappointment.

Not sure if it would have changed the W-L numbers but losing all those Olinemen certainly didn’t help.


I agree. The O-line losses definitely hit our W-L numbers. As I think did Calloway’s departure. The others, not so much.

It’s not just a matter of whether the players leaving were talented or not.

It’s a matter of having a large number of players suffering from a severe lack of buy-in and commitment to the team.

Those things permeate. I expect chemistry to be better by leaps and bounds next season.

I noticed that offensive linemen Deion Malone isn’t on this list. He was lost to knee surgery in August. There are probably more.

It is quite apparent that our 2018 season was shot when we lost those great offensive linemen. That affected the running and QB protection. Our defense, still not an SEC caliber defense, so it all added to the final outcome. We also had a change in the system that requires faster players. Attitude and motivation also played a role. Perhaps a final purge, then the coming of the new recruits and a new era. Time to put it behind us.

The loss of O Lineman hurt the most along with Calloway in my opinion. That says a lot that at times many of us, if not all (including outsiders of this program) fail to realize, remember or even know.

As someone else said above, the fact that a lot of these dudes couldn’t crack the 2 deep says a lot about either previous recruiting, evaluation of talent or both.

The Oline will be a problem for another year at least. You can’t overcome the poor recruiting and injuries the hogs have taken in one crootin’ class. It should be better but I don’t expect any miracles.
There were a lot of players that didn’t buy in and it showed in the Moo U and Missery games. I hope the staff cleans house. Don’t leave a kernel of corn in touched. Look into all their eyes and give them the door’.
There won’t be any redshirts next year!

With so many players who have left or are leaving, are you limited to the 29 scholarship offers CMM is talking about for the 2019 class or can you offer up to the overall 85 scholarship limit for D1 football?

It’s quite likely the record would be better by 2 wins had we had more in the OL. Anytime there’s a close game there are many factors that could have changed the outcome. More depth & we might have won both the CSU & the Ole Miss games. One more late first down in either game could have been the difference. It might have even made a difference in the A&M game. None of our other games were really close enough that it would have mattered–unless perhaps a better record going into the MSU & MU games might have kept the team interested.

Love the post ARMY!!! Fully agree.

Unless they have changed the rules, which I doubt, the limits are still 25/85. You can get slots that are empty and filled before the new bunch arrives but 25 new signees is the limit with a total of 85.

The offensive line situation created an almost impossible obstacle to overcome in the won/lost column. It would have been next to impossible to create a competitive fall camp in the o-line because of the limited numbers he had to work with in the camp. What we may well have seen at the end of the season was players who had given all that had to give and had no more fuel left in the tank to draw renewed energy from on game day.

Everybody knows you need at least 2 deep of SEC caliber Olinemen. To accommodate for injuries & relief in games. We don’t have the numbers or talent.

Problem we’re going to face is not being able to redshirt many linemen yet. You need to have good Oline redshirt classes just for the numbers required. Your evaluations have to be really good also, can’t afford more than 1 or 2 misses a year.

As noted many times on this site, they will take 29 this year. That’s 25 for this year and the four empty spots from last year, given that they will stay under 85. Six will be in the O-line, including a couple junior college players.

Departed or injured + done since August:

WR Jarrod Barnes
DB Chevin Calloway
TE Austin Cantrell
DB Nate Dalton
WR Tobias Enlow
LB Kyrei Fisher
OL Dylan Hays
OL Deion Malone
OL Jalen Merrick
LB Derrick Munson
WR Jonathan Nance
TE Jeremy Patton
RB Maleek Williams

Gone from last year’s roster:

WR Maleek Barkley
LB Ben Brasuell
WR Kofi Boateng
TE Will Gragg
DL Jake Hall
K Cole Hedlund
DB Korey Hernandez
OL Jake Heinrich
TE Jack Kraus
WR Brandon Martin
LB Josh Paul
OL Zach Rogers