Taking a few days off to get a new

right knee.




I just had both knees replaced 4 months apart. Are you having Mako robotic replacement? If so, you’ll rehab much more quickly. Good luck and be blessed!

Good luck my friend. Doesn’t this make both knee replacements? Take care. Rehab is the key. Piece of cake for someone as tough as you.

Where will this be performed?

Aloha DD,

May the Lord bless you with a healthy and rapid recovery. You shall be in my prayers.

Good luck with the procedure and recovery.

Praying for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

My 1st one scheduled February and the 2nd 3 months later

You’ll be up and running in no time.

A high school classmate of mine had both his knees replaced using two different methods. I wonder which will be used on DD. BTW, Bobby served in the Army, was a state trooper, and an umpire.

God bless you brother!
Never had knee replacement, hope I never have too. Will be praying for you Dudley!

His surgery was in Fayetteville. And, he doing well. Up and walking. I think he went for the record distance today. And probably got it, knowing DD.

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Thanks for sharing that article, Marty. I have been needing knee replacement surgery on both knees for over 20 years, but have kept putting it off for multiple reasons. Starting to think more seriously about it now, so this information is very timely.

Knee is progressing along

Had a follow up today and the doctor and his teamed are pleased.with the flex I have back now

Long way to go, but we have started down the road in good fashion

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Good news. Be well and be safe.

Great news Dudley keep up the good work Sir.

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