Takes From Game 2...

• The other team’s coach was very combative, even talking about not playing the game because Arkansas was late. There were some talk with the translator, who relayed no play, no pay and things settled down and the game started at 6 p.m. local time.

• I think there was maybe four power outlets in the gym, which was better than Monday’s, but still not Arkansas high school worthy.

• Arkansas responded to that and some early pushing and physical play with their own. It was a fun atmosphere as many locals came in to cheer the game.

• Arkansas players gave the little kids some hats and stuff and won them over.

• I think the two teams Arkansas played were about the same although Eurocollegio had the best player of the two squads in Jorge Gonzalez (29 points, 14 rebounds last night).

• There were some fantastic flops - soccer worthy.

• Refs were better than Monday’s, but still made me long for SEC refs - not something I say ofen.

• Arkansas just played a lot better - both offensively and defensively - on Tuesday than it did on Monday.

The Razorbacks played Tuesday with a hunger and passion that was not there on Monday.

• Arkansas was 19-of-44 in the first half on Tuesday, but 17-of-34 in the second half while shooting 50 percent in both the third and fourth quarters.

• The Razorbacks also forced 25 turnovers with half coming in the press and the other half coming with improved half court defense.

• CJ Jones ended with 18 points officially with 4 3-pointers. Great first step and can get his own shot. Also played well defensively.

Certainly not a finished product, but I like what he brings at the SF or 3G whatever you want to call it.

• Dusty has struggled a bit shooting over here and let out a very audible scream when he knocked down a 3-pointer in the fourth quarter. He has gotten most of his points inside and off the boards. He’ll be fine.

• Moses was much better today. More active defensively and on the boards and got some offense going in the second half. Finished with 8 points. and 6 and about 4 blocks

Jaylen Barford showed his ability to get to the rack today, knocked down a couple of outside shots and played very well defensively.

• Anton Beard had a very good all-around game today while playing point with the second unit. Manny was solid as usual.

• I continue to be impressed with Dustin Thomas. Not all his shots are falling, but he gives Arkansas a presence at the 4 it did not have last season.

• Daryl Macon has not shot the ball like he wants to over here, but you can see he gets it. Neither he or Dusty like the rims over here - which are not forgiving at all.

And have the shortest nets for some reason.

• Only 26 fouls - still a little too much, but must better movement today.

• Went to the boards much stronger today.

• Arlando Cook had a better game today and I like what I see from Adrio Bailey as well.

• It was good to see Brachen Hazen, Robert Glasper, Cook and Bailey get a lot of run in the fourth quarter.


I saw a post that suggested the international ball could cause some adjustment problems to teams from the US. The idea was that even the Olympic teams had an adjustment period. Do you think that might have affected the Hogs in game 1?

Man, good stuff. Really gives a picture of what is going on over there.

Concur. Love the new site.

I know it’s way early - but how could there have been 5 other players in Alabama better than CJ Jones?

If he keeps this up we can legitimately have 2 complete set of starting 5s:

1st group


2nd group


Bailey is going to play too with his ability to rebound at a high rate. Hazen is currently outside looking in, but he has a lot of potential with his height and ability to jump. I also realize that there are multiple players that can be interchanged between my 1st and 2nd group.

Plenty of options this year when last year we had almost none.

looking like C.J. will be able to help out at times this year off the bench. Wasn’t expecting that until next year. Nice to see such great productivity in limited minutes. Bailey looks to be able to contribute as well.

Thanks Dudley for being our eyes and ears over there. Much appreciated.

From game 2 that definitely looks like the current rotation. My guess is Bailey and Cook will split backup minutes at the 4 spot, with Cook probably leaning towards getting more of them right now. Also, Thomas can play the 3 spot, so him playing there for a few minutes a game will also open up a couple more minutes for Bailey.

As far as Hazen, I agree with you there as well, he’s on the outside looking in right now. I think this year unless Bailey or Cook under perform he’ll be used more of a situational guy, that will help break zones if needed, and maybe if we are struggling rebounding CMA goes with a big lineup and puts him at the 3, and there’s always guys getting foul trouble. He’s a valuable guy for the future so I’m sure they’ll find some situations to get him some experience.

And I know it’s still a bit early, but if CJ Jones can be a reliable scorer for the second group, I think that makes us so much better. That was my main concern if both Macon and Barford started. I didn’t think Beard had enough firepower to carry the whole second group, and it would be a repeat of last year’s bench. But between Beard and Jones guard scoring shouldn’t be a problem when the starters go out. And for the front court Cook and Bailey are active enough guys they’ll contribute a few points as well. Still waiting to see what Thompson can do.

I think they just shot the ball bad and ran out of time in game 1