Taken me a few days to want to even look in here ------

--------- the wierd thing is, late in the fourth quarter, I was thinking it looked like our weather was going to wear out another mild climate team fading out in our humid/hot climate like CoState did. I expected us to squeek out a win after we tied the game and just needed to stop them so Limpert could kick the game winning field goal. I was getting ready to be kind of embarrassed by having to win that way and then SanJose drove through our defense like Sherman burned through Georgia. They knocked our D-line off the ball, had receivers running wide open, and they ran through our arm tackles for huge chunk yards to score their TD and put us away. It looked like the 4th quarter against OleMiss when our defense got dominated to close out the game. Then Starkel against a two man rush and nine back just throws it up for grabs assuming our one receiver will beat their five defenders. They easily got their fifth interception and the game was burnt toast.

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