Take this for what it's worth

but a source seems pretty confident that Norvell is headed to FSU. Again not saying it’s 100%, but the source is pretty knowledgable.

I think this is likely correct.

Another source thinks it’s true too.

Whoever picked Morris over Norvell needs to be fired from the picking business.

They pick an Aggie over a guy with Arkansas ties and an Arkansas wife who also happened to beat said Aggie 51-7 and 66-42.



He was not good enough to coach at AR, but is at FSU. Yep, figures. We took a HS coach instead. Great job there


Well if we land Kiffin I think we come out winners


Agree. We desperately need some positive attention

Hope we don’t regret the hell out of not trying to get him …a second time!

There goes your yard man gig…


“Revenge of the Norvell” ? Lots of rumors out there 'bout why he wasn’t hired vs CCM.

FSU’s last hire didn’t work out so well. Be interesting to see if this one does. FSU is a different animal than where Norvell is coming from. He also hasn’t had to rebuild and probably won’t have to as much there as he would at Arkansas. If he’s what some think he is, he should have them ranked in the top 15 in no time. I have no idea what he’s capable of, but he’s smart. He’s certainly avoiding the challenges on his journey.

The FSU boards are not exactly giddy with Norvell coming onboard… but I think he would rival Clemson in a few years because FSU gets a Top 10 class most years and he will know what to do with them.

I would rather see Norvell go to FSU any day over him going to Ole Miss!


If he is not in play with us which clearly doesn’t seem to be the case then please, go to FSU and stay out of our conference.

FSU would be a nice place to coach. Fertile recruiting grounds and Clemson is your big rival. The ACC right now is pretty weak except for those Tigers That SEC West is pretty intimidating. I don’t blame Novell if that is where he goes. Smart.

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Interesting that they are apparently taking a pass on Kiffiin. Wonder why?

I dont think Kiffin is coming to Arkansas. Ole Piss will do anything to keep that from happening . I bet they will offer him more than Arkansas just to pick us off . Plus I bet BOT are going to screw us out of getting a good Coach.

Let Kiffin go to Ole Miss and get them in more trouble than Freeze did. And maybe himself too. Lane in the Groove.

I think that who ever we get, with our track record, will want large buyout before he will come here!!!

Buyout is a four letter word. Dumbest idea ever, probably invented by agents. Imagine Bear Bryant or Frank Broyles with a buyout. Why do people who are inept at their job get paid to go away?