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I have watched every highlight available after watching every pitch yesterday. Obviously, our Hogs put on a clinic at the plate that I anticipate might deliver a message to the opposition. Just ask Alex Williams, Stanford starting pitcher who touted the Stanford offense over the Hogs offense prior to the game then got pulverized and taken on a slow stroll to the woodshed. I know this performance is at the top of the records books for OOO. OFFENSIVE OUTPUT OMAHA… credit me for that one…but I like HOOO better. HOGS OFFENSIVE OUTPUT OMAHA….and…… Obviously, Connor Noland owned the mound allowing very few good swings….My critical analysis today begins with the Hogs turning that double play ending the threat in the bottom of the first. The best defensive execution including but not limited to crucial situations…… in one game…. from any college team in the history of college baseball. I AM TALKING….THE HISTORY BABY!!..concluding with Big Shot Bob ( I renamed our second baseman after a former Bama/Bulls hoops star) delivering yet another highlight next to Jalen Battles…the other half of maybe the best collegiate double-play combination ever, I said and meant…. EVER. I do not care that is a run-on sentence…read it again (I had to!). WPS Hog Nation!! But as one former Hog pitching coach told me, momentum is as good as your next starting pitcher. But I am not quite thru celebrating yet. Have you noticed? IMO, There sure seems to be a little extra edge with this team……thank you, men….do it for yourselves……you have earned and owned the moment……but we are going to enjoy every moment along with you. It certainly looks like the contrasted culmination of the end of the regular season and the relaunch of HOOO2022!! DVH hit the pause button. Made sure we paused. Then uncovered the pause button and the team stole the remote control! Drop the mic! DVH’s smile needs not to go unnoticed with this team’s recent success!!

I think that once Arkansas breaks through and wins a baseball title, more might come. It would be the John McDonnell effect. Once one is won, I expect the pressure might be off (a bit). Winning will never be easy.


Great thought Marty. WPS

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I like that thought. Why not now.

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I’ve had that thought myself. So Carolina won 2 in a row. Once someone ran a 4 minute mile a lot of people did.

But I’m so ready for the first one. I’d like it to come this year.


It was such a fun game yesterday. Not the kind of game I expected at all. Nobody expected us to dominate them like that.

Of course, before we pat ourselves on the back too much, we should admit (and I think most of us do) that those last few runs came against Stanford’s B-team pitching. We certainly hit them with enough offense before that to force them to concede their pitching, but we weren’t facing All-American pitchers in the latter innings.

As much as I enjoyed the beatdown, I have to admit I kind of wish we had not scored more than 10 or 11. Just something about that kind of a beatdown and then almost a reverse carryover in the next game. I know there’s no reason for that to have to happen, but I just remember us scoring 21 against NC State last year in game 1 and then not winning another game. There’ve been other instances like that, too.

I just hope our young men are focused and ready to give it their all tomorrow night. I think they will be. Whether it’s enough to win, only time will tell.

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That’s my thought. Take it one game
At a time. Don’t forget last years game. I think we might see Stanford again.

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It is an old saying, but very true in baseball that momentum last until the next day pitchers are announced. 17 runs means nothing tomorrow. What matters will be throwing strikes and fielding cleanly. Do those 2 things and it will be ok. Walk people or play soccer with the ball, and you are in the wrong bracket. It is pretty simple really.


It was the best approach at the plate all year. We weren’t trying to launch home runs on every pitch, plate discipline was good.We swung at strikes and we hit them where they were pitched, if we can do that it’s going to be very tough to stop us because we were the hardest team in the SEC to strike out.
We need to get a very good outing from whoever we put out there tomorrow because Ole Miss is swinging the bats well.
They have not been in a close game yet so I’m curious to see what happens if they’re put in that situation .We’ve already been there having lost a game and pulled one out of the bottom of the 9 th,we know what it’s like to feel pressure in the postseason. I hope we can jump on them early and get them on the defensive and maybe they can make some errors and realize that everybody is going to be an easy game for them.


Just score on as get them behind early! Don’t walk any one or hit them and play mistake free on defense. Make them earn it and it should be a good game. I just hate making it to this point in the season and have to play an SEC team! I will be glad when the game ends and it’s over. Win the next 2 games and play for all the marbles.


But we hit two, and could have had a couple more if not for the wind, including the first pitch of the game. We made good contact and hit a lot of balls hard. I think the hardest exit velo was actually a single by Wallace that was like 109 mph.

But we were also very patient. Didn’t swing at crap, made them throw 212 pitches, including taking 82 balls. I would be surprised if we’ve taken 82 balls in any game in a long time.

Yes the pitches that were up in the zone we crushed those for sure,made them pay for it. I loved our discipline for the most part,we hit pitches that were in the zone and laid off the pitchers pitches which was great to see,We didn’t get ourself out like we have before. We didn’t try to launch pitches that were waist high like we have all yr and you didn’t see us rolling over the top of balls as a result.We took very level swings and drove the ball the other way numerous times which is what we will have to do tomorrow night against Elliott.I think if we do that,we will be fine and have a chance to do some damage against him.

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Our plate discipline has been trending upward since we started post season after SECT. It’s like everybody got new contacts.

You had me at OOO…


I see that now but I was still worried. :joy:

Now our worry is about Auburn.

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