Take one off the commitment list

DL Trevis Hopper told me he’s no longer committed to Arkansas.

Ouch. Need D linemen. I bet he’s headed to Ole Miss. I doubt they’ve stopped giving extra benefits.

Hearing Memphis which seems pretty odd. Very seldom do you pick Memphis over Arkansas.

Mom get a job at FedEx?

Just another example of how commitments mean very little in major college recruiting, basically these young athletes are free agents right up to signing day.
I understand it is sometimes disappointing for coaches and fans, but I’m sure it’s difficult for a 17 or 18 year old to finalize a decision that will have such a major impact on their entire future.
All the while coaches can walk away from contracts at the end of every season for what they perceive as a better job and higher pay to improve their profile, career prospects and bank account.
Perhaps it’s time to allow athletes the opportunity to transfer after going to a university only to find that he or she may have made the wrong decision without the punishment of having to redshirt for one year before playing for another university.
As long as the kid has his or her academics in order why should they be penalized while coaches are not for breaking their contract.
If free agency is ok for coaches then it should be the same for the athletes at some point in the future. Let’s be honest, the NCAA is a hypocracy anyway.

Go Hogs!

I’ll have to admit that I thought he pulled the trigger really quick and that I thought there was the potential for it to not stick.

Seems like a nice kid, but also seem sold on being the first commitment in the class.

To me, with that offer list and for Memphis to be “in the lead”, I think it has to be a possible eligibility issue on the horizon

Could be one reason.

There were going to be decommits eventuallly.

Very concerned. I know things are what they refer to as “fluid” and that most of the BIG (4 & 5 *) recruits remain uncommitted, but we’re dragging in the recruiting for the 2019 class. We “wrote off” 2018 since CCM didn’t have very long to work the recruiting trail…gotta PICK IT UP and quick!!!

I expect Arkansas to have four commitments in the near future.

Ark- 2

A&M- 7

Bama- 6

Auburn- 3

Fla. -7

Ga.- 7

Kent.- 3

LSU- 8

MSU- 5

Mizzou- 2


OM- 15


Tenn.- 5

When you look at his offer list and we were the first to offer him, it shows we are recruiting the right kind of players. Now we just have to get them signed too. Recruiting players with no other major offers hoping that we see something the other majors missed is a very hard way to compete with the rest of the SEC. When you recruit against the top programs you will not get them all, not even the majority. We just need to get a decent share and start turning this program around.

RD - regarding your post above. Is that 4 new commitments giving us 6 based on the number you provided or 2 more for total of 4? Just curious.

Would be nice to know some names but my guess is you may know of some silent ones and just can’t speak on it which I respect completely.

Huh?? Dude had offers from several of the elite, now they were from his 9th grade year, and who knows how many were commitable, but he had “offers”.

Offer lists are alphabetical.

Two-three more.

Thank you RD!