Take on S&C from RR


I’m one of the ones who is incredibly skeptical of how Herb trained these guys.

Looks like they are getting things amped up in the weight room like they haven’t been used to. Of course it’s a different style, but nice to see them commending the staff, especially a senior player who has spent some time in the weight room.

Seems like we’ve heard same thing every time we get a new strength coach. Hopefully this time the product on field matches all the hype

I am not sure on what the S&C coaches do for each HC, but one thing I’ll point out about our last one is:

The last year BP was here ESPN did one of those inside the program shows on AR. I remember the OL goofing off around the weights. BP was fired and Herbert was brought in. The guy who seemed the biggest goof around the equipment actually tweeted a before and after pic of himself after Herbert got here. I believe Dudley even posted it on the old Scout board, but you could tell Herbert worked these guys tails off.

The only issue is it seemed that Herbert worked more on strength than speed. I’m interested if the new guy is doing the opposite or both.

You get what you emphasize. Bielema wanted strength and size. Morris wants speed and conditioning – but strength within those parameters. It matches the systems they want for what they do on the field. So it’s a different style of strength and conditioning that matches the style of play on the field.

I will say that everyone has good strength and conditioning programs. If you think they don’t at Georgia, LSU and Alabama, then you are wrong. The strength and conditioning in each of those systems probably matches what the head coach wants for how he’s going to play on the field. They should do that, anyway.

I’ve been covering college football for about 45 years. In almost every case the strength coaches have been outstanding for what they were asked to do. If the head coach tells him what he wants, they can usually do it. That goes for John Stucky, Virgil Knight, Don Decker, Jason Veltkamp, Ben Herbert and now Trumain Carroll.

Clearly, with an up tempo system, the players will be a little lighter in most cases. They are being asked to do something faster with less rest between plays. So you will simulate that in your strength and conditioning program.

Trumain Carroll emphasizes Olympic lifts. Almost every one does those same lifts. That won’t change. But he does many more things that involve running and stretching (like Yoga). That’s where his program fits what Chad Morris wants. I’m impressed with what he’s doing with the team, as are the players.

I think there is a big emphasis on nutrition. I remember that Bobby Petrino emphasized nutrition. So did Bielema. In fact, Bielema said there had been no emphasis on nutrition and I was a little confused. I did not think that was true because Petrino did have nutritionists and others involved. But it might have been a case as far as buy-in by the players. Ben Herbert helped correct that by getting more buy-in. You can preach nutrition, but someone has to convince them it’s better. Herbert did that.

I will say that each head coach has changed what is fed to the players. Bielema rewarded players with ice cream after wins. Now, that was coveted by the players. But eating ice cream isn’t great as far as the sugar intake. That probably won’t be something Morris does. Some things that were on the training table under Bielema are now gone. There are tweaks to the training table with every coach.

Petrino had training tables with about anything you could dream up, including fried foods. Then, he gave players cards that said what they could get. Remember Big Tex? He couldn’t get bacon. They wanted him to diet. One of the meals served was bacon cheese burgers. Some could get the burgers, but not cheese or bacon. Well, you can figure out how to get it anyway. Other players can get it for you. So the way to do it, is not put the bacon out there in the first place. I think that’s more the way Morris handles the training table. I’m not talking about bacon, specifically. But I know there is a much more controlled way that food is brought to the players and it fits what he wants for the team.

Our old S&C coach is doing well in Ann Arbor

I remember the picture era we went through with Herbert.

After my daughter told me the magic you can do with simple things such as angles and lighting on a camera, I realized those pictures weren’t showing what I originally thought. They made progress but not like they wanted the pictures to show.

My main thing with Herbert is like clay said they emphasized strength and size, but we always looked small. Our players had very little mass, or definition, especially in the linemans arms. So while they may have been strong, they sure didn’t look like it.

I’m not an expert in the weight room, but I’ve been a regular in the gym since I began highschool. I like to think I’m in pretty good shape and have a good stature mainly because I do a lot of research into how I exercise. When I saw the videos of guys doing 400 pound 1 legged squats, I was done with Herbert. One of my good friends who is a personal trainer , played D1 football, and has competed in all types of lifting events after his playing days told me that is one of the more idiotic things he’s ever seen. Said that no way should they be doing that, especially with the S&C coach telling them too. He also thought it had a direct correlation with the foot injury problems we were plagued with for 5 years. (Also a big hog fan).

Serious question and I do not mean this as criticism…CBB did not seem to be overly focused on nutrition for himself so if I am a player…maybe a big ole OL trying to make or maintain weight why would I be focused and/or motivated on nutrition then? So far it seems that CCM models what he wants from his players

The do as I say, not as I do mentality is for hypocrites. That may be harsh, but it’s the truth. We all can be guilty of it, but if you’re going to be a leader of 100 young men, you better practice what your preach or they aren’t going to take you serious.

The other day I was getting some lunch, I work near the square in Fayetteville. As I pull onto MLK, I believe I saw CCM running with another coach. I do think it says a lot about a man and a coach that keeps himself in good shape. He takes pride in himself, I am not sure I can say that about CBB. And I am not a hater. I was on the CBB wagon forever. But if you can’t take pride in yourself personally, how do you take pride in your profession?

Chad Morris runs every day. He gives his staff lunch breaks and he hits to the sidewalks for a run. I get what people say about Bret’s weight. He knew it. I think stress does some things to some that are hard to understand. What I know about Bret is that he’s taking care of that now. He’s lost a lot of weight. Well over 50 pounds. He’s got another 50 to go and he knows it. I talked to him recently and he said he was on the way home from whatever consulting work he’s doing (and I think it’s with the Patriots) and he was walking. Don’t know how far it was, but he said he was enjoying the daily walks. He may not walk to and from, but he is walking home each day. I don’t think he walked home from work during his Fayetteville time. It’s a good sign for his health.

I’ve never been a football coach, but I have had a job that ate up 12+ hours a day. It’s hard to squeeze time for exercise into a schedule like that, especially if you don’t control your own schedule (which Chad does and BB did). Easy to work through lunch, eat at your desk (probably junk), skip any chance to exercise before/after work and put on pounds. I did just that once I stopped running regularly, with adverse effects on my health, and now I’m trying to correct my own mistakes.

That’s good to hear.
He has a daughter he needs to be there for as she grows up, I’m glad he’s getting that in place.

Clay thanks for that comment on Coach B taking care of himself now. Glad to hear since he has a family to support and desire to see his little one grow up. Good for him.

Glad to hear that about CBB. I always feared for his health
in such a pressure cooker world. I hope he sheds another
fifty pounds.

Hard to demand self-discipline from players when they
don’t see it from their leader.

Yeah Don’t really see a true connection between a coaches habitus & a college team’s success.

Wait until CCM loss a few, especially if it’s to someone we should beat and these same people praising his self discipline and leadership will be questioning his work ethic wanting to know why he’s out running when he should be watching tape…


I like that we are now in better shape but am a little concerned that some OL may have lost too much weight.I know we are emphasizing fast pace offense but in short yardage time are we going to be able to pound it up in there and get it.he may throw more in those situations I guess we will see but inside the 5 and short yardage plays have me a little concerned.

Can’t be worse than the past couple of years. How many times did A&M stuff us on the goal line in 2016? For all the talk of physicality and imposing our will pass protection almost got Austin killed and the run game was poor in short yardage against good defenses.

very true Jackson and I think part of our problem is we lined up Bully Ball sets and I’m thinking Morris may line up to where they can only put 6 in the box.make it a lot easier!