Take on recruiting so far

It seems that our recruiting efforts this year have been very successful on the offensive side, but not so much on the defensive side. Are we gearing up for a blast in the past to the petrino days, lots of offense to counter balance no defense? Honestly it could be done with the talent we will have on O, and we all loved those high scoring electric games. I do hope that they can make some strides toward the end on the defensive side, but at this point it’s quite a bit behind. Some new Defensive staff members could possibly do the trick with the players we already have, I don’t know, not my field of expertise but I’ll trust the process. WPS

For whatever reason, we really struggle recruiting out of state defensive talent. The one coach who seems to be killing it is Coach Smith with the LA boys.

Until this changes, we will always struggle on the defensive side.

Statistically our defenses under Petrino have been better than under CBB.

Coach Smith in my opinion is by far our best recruiter, glad to have him.

Well, one thing we can be confident is the Hogs now have the fire power to attack good defenses, the kind they will be facing every week. There is some championship type talent on that side and it is gonna be fun, fun, fun watching this team now, as in the next season, and in the years to come. As the Dr pointed out, the defense has more work to get done. But let’s see how these last few.spots are filled and what changes. The biggest needs are at linebacker and in the secondary. Some of the cures are already on campus and a cornerback they are gonna get out of the Dallas area is gonna do wonders. Rest assured CBB is building a powerhouse. Stay tuned.

I really like the speed and athleticism of the DBs in this class.

And you would know much more than I would, I am excited about that as well. I live close to ashdown and have reason to believe we should be very, very excited about montaric brown after he packs on a few pounds. I think with the addition of Calloway and curl (who by the film is outstanding) this class would be a very solid DB class! WPS my worry about the defense is on the DL and LB for this class but that’s from the outside looking in, and that’s based off of assumptions and we know what assumptions do.

Thanks Richard. That Post makes me fell better than I have in months. Hope it proves correct.