Take Heart--2017 start not much different from 2016

With all the hand wringing over a 49-7 win, and with TCU coming to town, one might easily forget last year’s close call against LaTech and then having to go on the road against TCU. But, that turned out okay. Granted, losing Pulley is likely more serious than the injury last year against LaTech that cost us Richardson, but still, we had to make adjustments. This time, we have an extra couple of days and, I believe, good options. The coaches and the DBs have to know that whoever takes Pulley’s position is going to be targeted, so they should make adjustments so that the safety is more aware of that and can help. Also, I do believe our run defense and pass rush will be better, creating problems for TCU. Plus, TCU hasn’t played yet–later today. They may have injuries as well. I’m much more optimistic that we can fix the glaring issues. While we may not yet have a well-oiled offense, I believe it will be good enough to give us a win over TCU. I’m very thankful right now for that bye week between TCU and A&M. Confidence is what the Hogs need against TCU. If Hogs come in expecting to win, we will be 2-0.

So hope you are right.

Would like to see some swagger.

Hopeful first game was a combo of playing in the small old stadium on a stormy Thursday night and just uninspired.

I have no complaints at all with how the defense played, and the offense just had first game jitters with AA trying to get used to new receivers and vice versa. It’s a whole different ballgame when you’re out there under the lights than it is in practice. And the second half was much better on offense. Obviously we’ll have to play a lot better to beat TCU but I think we will improve

I’m not getting excited yet

Let’s see how these Hogs play vs TCU

TCU and Tex A&M are the launch pad for a successful season

FL A&M was a rent a win for team development

It was nice to see the defense play with a little fire. I thought the scheme made a difference. Also I thought OU tackling was better. For sure we will see how well that translates to better competition but after watching games all day we are not alone in college football with weakness that need to be addressed before the next game. We did have a loss of a good player with Pulley going down but we are sure in better shape this year over last year in that regard.
TCU is coming to the hill next week and our hogs are going to be ready. Man I love football season! WPS!!! Go Razorbacks

Not sure why there is so much handwringing? What did people expect?