Tainted beef causes loss of 800M American record

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.flotrack.org/article/57800-u … inted-beef”>http://www.flotrack.org/article/57800-usada-strips-ajee-wilson-s-american-record-because-of-tainted-beef</LINK_TEXT>

Tainted beef has caused Agee Wilson to lose her Indoor American record for 800M that she set in the Milrose Games. US Track&Field Association is stripping Ajee of the record, but it recognizes that she tested positive for zeranol through no fault of her. So as a concession to Ajee, she will not have to serve a suspension,

What is an athlete to do? Eat organic food only?

Looking back at some of the suspensions, it’s almost impossible to know about all of the ban substances and how they can get in your body. This is a prime example.

Agree with you. There have been more than a handful cases where an athlete got suspended for an accidental consumption of banned substances as a result of intake of food or medication.

I would bet PJ that very seldom happens because usually the amounts that throw a flag up, more than just inadvertent consumptions. But it can happen. The list is a mile long, but if that happens, it usually when you get to taking crazy concoctions.