Tailgating memories

Recently came across a program cover of the Arkansas/Rice football game in 1988. It was played at WMS and the Hogs pulled out a 21-14 victory. For some reason I had all our tailgating partners sign the program cover. This brought back wonderful memories of our old tailgating spot in front of Ray Winder field. Our crew would arrive hours prior to kickoff and we would eat, laugh, call the Hogs and enjoy the company of family and friends. When I scanned the signatures I saw two of the best ever who have gone home to heaven. First was Bubba who was our groups comedian. Bubba could make anyone laugh anytime. Me and Bubba made national TV playing the Razorback fight song prior to a Texas game in WMS in the 70’s. He was my brother in laws best friend since childhood and their stories of mischief in HS and college were priceless. And then there was our niece Donna who we counted as more of a daughter than a niece. We had a special bond and could make each other laugh at will. We miss her so. Donna was taken home about 1 1/2 years ago after a short hard fight with breast cancer.

From the 70’s until the early 90’s we never missed a game at WMS and never missed a tailgate (rain or shine). Those were special days with special people.

What are your tailgating memories?

I assume Ray Winder field was what in my time was Traveler’s Field. I actually did not tail gate but roamed around the area in the 50;s. The Hogs were hard to beat in WMS in those days.

For years, Daddy and I didn’t tailgate. We would go to Fuzzy’s just off of Garland for a pre-game sandwich. Mike (Fuzzy) is married to my cousin Sandra. He saved Daddy’s bacon once when Daddy realized that he had left our tickets in Bella Vista. Mike gave us his tickets. We were lucky that happened, because his seats were under cover. It was the Tulsa game when there was a downpour so hard that we couldn’t see the far sideline. Had we used our own tickets, we would have been drenched.

Later, Daddy and I began attending the Web Hog tailgates. The first time we attended, the tailgate was on the lawn North of the pit. IIRC, the first people that we met were Tuschawg and Jan.

It didn’t take long until we were welcomed by many others and good friends were made. I will always be grateful to the many people who welcomed Daddy and included him. AZHawg and the USC fan always were good to him.

And what a motley crew that was. Rick B, the other Fuzzy, Malvie, and yes, me.

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Loved The Web Hogs tailgates. Grate fun and people. Talk about a bottle of bourbon disappearing.

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In the days of Covid, that bottle best not be used at any Web Hog tailgate renewal. Incidentally, I still have my Web Hog t-shirt with Tuschawg stitched embroidered.

That bottle was strong enough that nothing would dare even think about living through that. Mouth Sanitizer!!

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Loved WebHogs! Victory circle and singing David Allen Coe, You Dont Have to me Darlin:) Good food, and great company.

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