Tag play flyball LSU vs South Carolina.

Fly ball to right field. LSU runners on 1st and 3rd. Duplantis tags is called out at the plate. Blaine at first waited to see the throw go to the plate and goes to second.
The first review is done and Duplantis is safe at the plate.
South Carolina throws over to 3rd and the umpires called safe for him not leaving early. South Carolina challenges and still safe on the tag up but they send Bain back to first base. That just made no sense. He clearly tagged up and went when the throw went to the plate.

I’m pretty sure he was allowed 2d.base

If the catcher hadn’t had both hands on the catchers mitt, I believe he could have made a sweep tag. Both hands is probably the correct method to avoid having the ball popping out, but it limited his range of motion and clearly missed the runner.

No they sent the runner back to first! Crazy!