Tackling technique by DBs


Can someone please share with me the tackling technique preferred by DC Barry Odom? I ask because I have often noticed this season the UA DBs attempting to tackle without wrapping up the legs. More or less trying to knock down the opponent with a body slam of some sort without any leg wrap up. We had several misses last week by the DBs against Auburn whiffing on the body slam and not attempting any leg wrap-up.


I’ve noticed the same thing. Especially plays along the sidelines when a receiver or back are in full sprint, they come in with their shoulder and no hands or arms are involved. I doubt it’s a taught technique but more of a leftover from high school that has not been corrected yet.

I have a simple question, is tackling better or worse?


I would say better than the last couple of years. Some players need to learn to wrap up and not just dive at the legs, but overall better.

Was def worse the first half of the OM game

Whatever Barry Odom is teaching, I’m down with it.

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Since you’ve already seen the first half of tomorrow’s game against OM, can you PM me tonight’s winning lotto numbers? :rofl: Just kidding. I’m sure you meant the first half of the Auburn game. :grinning:

Yes LOL Obviously I was pumped for the OM game but did in fact mean the Auburn game. AND Harley it sure looks like they straightened out their problems! THAT was a DEFENSE on the field WPS! oh, 7-10-13-23-38-45-48-53. hehe also j/k but IF you do play and it hits, I could use a nice vacation :wink:

They tackled a lot in practice this week, except for Morgan. He was kept in green jersey and not allowed full contact because of his elbow injury. He said he did jump in some individual drills and “thud” in some situations to stay fresh on his technique.

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