T Williams

In trouble?:rage:

Sounds like too much Egg Nog

Not good

Probably going to bow out of the bowl…

You recruit your own problems

Yeah, but in this case if the problem is having to sit out the bowl vs we don’t beat A&M without him I’ll take the latter.

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I heard it is a DWI! If true he is finished in a hog uniform. Sad way to finish.

What? Recruit own problems? That guy was a big positive this year. DUI is not good, but he was a huge net positive.


Oh for the love of…

Just bring a designated friend with you for driving.

Just unbelievable. Never understand what these guys are thinking, I bet that’ll look good to the NFL guys.

Not excusing it… but I find this much less of an issue with him being 24 years old and getting a DUI than say an 18 or 19 year old player. Its totally legal for T. Williams to be out drinking. He is 24. And not a lot different that any other legal drinking adult that gets one. Whereas the underaged that get them… well they weren’t supposed to be drinking in the first place.

I use to have guys around 24 that worked for me and got DUIs… my response was always… Life’s a b1tch… pay your fine and as long as you can get back and forth to work, I got no issue. Perhaps your fine will teach you a lesson… if not the next one might be jail. I’m not here to be your daddy… this is an adult mess so clean it up as an adult. If you need help you can always come talk to me and we might can work something out.


Opt out

Arkansas has a long and storied history of key players being suspended for bowl games. Heck you might even call it a program tradition.

Sad but true.

Fell asleep drunk in his car in the McDonald’s drive thru lane. Clearly not someone focused on the upcoming bowl game. And immediately opts out of the game and into the NFL draft. Makes me think he was never going to the bowl game, heart wasn’t in it, was going to opt out at some point in the next couple of weeks.


Or he was going to be suspended for the bowl and decided to make it official.


I really don’t think he had a choice… but JMO