T.J. Moss, Vanover, etc

I was watching the replay of Chaney’s Findley Prep game and there were several other players with some ties to Arkansas, and they looked pretty good. I’m not sure if Arkansas has any interest?

I know Connor Vanover is currently committed to Memphis. He looked pretty danged good. Ran the floor well and had good hands. Needs some strength to go with his 7’3, but we may regret passing on him at some point. Numbers, I know. But you can’t coach 7’3.

T.J. Cook was very quick and active. Not sure of his class? They said he has an Arkansas offer.

Scottie Pippen Jr. was playing for the California prep school along with Kenyon Martin Jr. Did we ever have anything going on with him?

Can you post a LINK to the game, or point me in the right direction? THX

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.facebook.com/BallislifeTV/v … f=mentions”>https://www.facebook.com/BallislifeTV/videos/2032443346769516/?fref=mentions</LINK_TEXT>