T.J. Cleveland

and Arkansas is involved with 2019 forward D.J. Jeffries, who plays for Team Penny.

Jeffries, 6-7, 190 of Olive Branch, Miss is ESPN’s No. 3 small forward and No. 6 overall prospect in his class.

Isn’t he one of the players close with the Lawsons out of Memphis? If so, wouldn’t it be hard to see how we had a realistic chance with him? The Memphis radio media said that the landing spot for the Lawsons would be the likely landing spot for Jeffries. Another reason they were furious with Tubby.

Solidly connected to the hip with the Lawson group so unless Lawrence, Kansas falls into a black hole within the next 24 months, he’s theirs to lose.

Maybe. But this development is about Jeffries indicating he has interest in Arkansas. So, there is a chance.

Comments: In a sense to your very point as it relates to recruiting in the Memphis areas , no one can’t convince me that an addition of Todd Day to the hawg’s coach staff would circumvent a closed door by the Memphis Community to at least the door is ajar

Maybe the case, but you give it a try and see where it goes.