T. Burks

3 catches out of 5 targets. 55 yards. Long of 27 yds. And Titans still playing. Good first game I’d say.

Unfortunately the Titans snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory.

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As only tannehill can do

Seems some penalties and curious play calling opened the door for the Giants.

Tannehill did his job 10schog. This new pk shanked a makeable field goal.
I didn’t feel good when I saw him wipe both sides of his forehead right before the kick. I could tell he was very nervous. And the guy was home. geeeesh.

Giants, Eagles and Commanders all won today. Either beat Tampa tonight or Jerry’s Kids will be in last place in the NFC East :rofl:

beat Tampa tonight                                      GO COWBOYS!

Soon as i posted i realized the loss probably lay elsewhere. I just automatically blame the qb for tenn…habit i picked up back when McNair (rip) went away. Young, locker, mariotta, now this guy…smh. I quit watching today after titans were leading 13 zip. Hoped they would hang on. I,ll be watching the boys get beat here shortly i guess.

Burks got his first NFL non-call hosing in the 1st Q when he was tackled by a shorter DB while chasing a pass. Welcome to the show, rookie

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The Line does imply that it’s a sucker bet (taking the boys @ home with the points),but similar to the Hogs I never count them out until the end.

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Rookie is learning and laughing…all the way to the bank.


Looks like it. :rofl:

I’m a Giants fan.

I still have no idea how we won that game. We looked absolutely pathetic for three quarters. Kept waiting for the Titans to just put us away.

Although, kudos to our coach for a gutsy call to go for two. I liked it.