T. Burks - 1st

NFL td. Unconventional… but still


Wow…with all the comments this week about some of the Hogs not hustling, this is a great, great example of playing the team game. It was not drawn up to include Burkes - or just maybe, to lay a single block. Rather, Burkes followed the whole play, and while further from the loose ball than the opponent, he dove to it and scarfed it up. Huge TD, rather than the other team gaining a turnover.

Unconventional for sure. His game is not about him.


I turned on the game just before the TD. I was glad to see him make such a smart play.

Burks just made an incredible catch. (Not that Arkansas fans are surprised.)

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Burks not Burkes…

What a great catch he just made.

F it, Treylon down there somewhere…

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@Mr_Smith, that was the video that I tried to find. Thanks for posting it.

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