Syracuse-San Diego St

Brian Dutcher, Head Coach of San Diego St, wants the Minnesota Job.

Lets see if he’s available to take it after tonight.

Syracuse up 32-18 at Half Time.

Right now his team doesn’t have a clue how to attack Boeheim’s defense.

No they did not.

Syracuse wins 78-62.

Lets see how long it takes Dutcher to take the Minnesota job.

If he takes it quickly, that tells us that Muss’s people said thanks but no thanks early on

I have seen two article since yesterday on the Minny job and Mus was not listed as an option in either of them.

If they even asked Muss

agree, pavlov, it this is a job interview, he’s doing poorly. his team just jacked up 3’s, really had no idea how to approach syracuse’s zone.


A lot of people have had problems with Syracuse’s zone. There’s a reason he’s won 1081 games up there.

It would be interesting to see Colgate play Syracuse’s zone… they might make 25 three’s.

The committee put Syracuse in and out them in a favorable matchup! I don’t care for Jim B. He is another piece of trash!

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