Swinney Threatens to Leave Clemson

Not going to happen, but still he was clearly upset.

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He’s not wrong.

Nolan was frustrated the year after the NC because fans weren’t happy with the margin of victories.

I’ll bet John L. Smith could give them something to complain about…

He ain’t going anywhere until Saban retires and then he will go to Bama.

Dabo sounds more like Saban every day. Guess he’s rehearsing to take over Nick’s job when he steps down.

That said, I can’t disagree with anything he said. On a smaller scale, reminds me of how a large contingent of Arkansas fans bitched about Hatfield even as he was posting 9 win seasons year after year (at a time when the regular season was 11 games, not 12 as it is these days). Oh, how they were joyful when Kenny left!

And how we miss those 9 win seasons.

Same thing happened with HDN 20 years later.

Many thought when we ran those guys off, our problems were over.

When will we learn?

I remember arguing with posters in years past about how good the Hogs were when they were winning. We had similar folks who said despite the wins, it was not good enough. That goes all the way back to the beginning of these internets message boards…

I sure like those conversations a lot better than the ones we have now. :smiling_imp::boar:

Dabo is right, love to trade places so the Clemson fans have something legit to complain about.

If I were Dabo Swinney I sure wouldn’t go to Alabama after Saban left. If he thinks Clemson is hard to please, he would find it much tougher to please all those rednecks in Alabama…Mission Impossible.

UCLA is still looking for John Wooden’s replacement…Alabama will look for a long time to replace the great Nick Saban, and I mean great. Wally may not like him, but I do. He is the greatest coach in modern college football history…modern being since, maybe, 1950.

Trying to follow in Nick Saban’s footsteps…that will be a job only somebody will do for money and plenty of it…a no-win situation, in my view, unless the money is so much a person just couldn’t turn it down.

I’ve thought about that many times. In retrospect, that was the undoing of Razorback football. I can’t say the mediocrity since Hatfield was caused by what amounted to fans running him off, but he was the last coach we had with sustained success. People bitched constantly at “how” we won. We weren’t exciting enough, didn’t pass enough. Well, we beat some pretty good teams under Hatfield & didn’t lose games we were supposed to win.

It’d serve some of those Clemson fans right if Dabo left. Dabo has been there a while, but he’s not a S.C. native. Didn’t go to school at Clemson. No reason for him not to start new if they mess with him. Could he replicate his Clemson success somewhere else? Who knows, but he might be appreciated more.

And then Mr. Hatfield went to…Clemson.
Just trying to bring the thread full-circle :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

We (as a fan base) were obviously way out of Mr. Hatfield’s league when it came to class. I never heard a peep out of him; unlike Mr. Nutt & Company.

Success is something taken for granted after a while.
Sounds like Clemson fans are to interested in what Bama’s doing.

I remember an interview with John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach, after he retired. The question was something like, “When did you know it was time to retire?” His answer (and I am paraphrasing) was that after his team won its last national championship — it’s 10th in 12 years — he overheard a booster saying it was about time UCLA got back to where it belonged and still complaining that the team hadn’t won it all the year before. That’s when, coach Wooden said, he knew he needed to leave.

I don’t think Dabo is going anywhere, but you can sure see he’s experiencing what Coach Wooden went through.

I also remember the Hatfield exit from Arkansas with some chagrin. He was treated horribly, both by us fans (me included) and by the UA administration. Don’t blame him for leaving the way he did. Glad he’s back with us.

I’ve been preaching about this ever since Coach Hatfield left – because we ran him off. We ran off the winningest coach in Arkansas history. And it was better than 9 win seasons – Hatfield’s last 2 seasons he went 10-2 – 10-2 and 10-2 back-to-back with SWC titles each year. He also went 10-2 in 1985. Anybody find it hard to believe we had a Coach who had three 10 win seasons in 7 years? But back then, I was also an ingrate after that first SWC title and 10-2 with an egg laid against UCLA at the Cotton Bowl, still mad after the 1987 Texas loss in LR, the 51-7 Miami loss in LR, etc. I remember I was in Fort Worth a few days after the UCLA Cotton Bowl hanging out with some co-ed I dated back then – we went to that bar that had saddles for seats down near the Stockyards. I guess I had on red or something Razorback because some guy came up and talked to me and asked me what I thought about our coach. I was easy but made it clear that I wasn’t completely happy. Turns out this fellow had coached with Hatfield and they were good friends – I cannot tell you what he said to me to save my life, don’t remember – he was actually persuasive though pointed – but I finally saw the light. I was a staunch Hatfield backer from that day forward…I never dreamed he was only going to be around one more season.

Remember what happened after Hatfield left with his 10-2, 10-2 records…3-8 with Crowe. For those who don’t remember, back then for a generation of Arkansas fans 5-6 or 5-5-1 was as bad as it could get, and 3-8 was impossible; until it happened. Arkansas football has not been the same since.

If you look at the 30 years since we ran off Hatfield – Arkansas has had sustained winning in only 10 of those 30 years – all under Coach Nutt – another Coach we ran out of here with hate and fury. Just look at the 8 years prior to Nutt and 11 years after Nutt – lots and lots of losing and ugly football. I know there are still plenty of diehard and ardent Nutt haters out there, so please don’t give us a lecture about why all that winning really didn’t matter or count – not now. All I am doing is pointing to the facts and the numbers that don’t lie. I like winning. I like winning whether some malcontented people can wax and wane and rationalize it away all day long – a win is a win is a win – and I much prefer it to this current historic ugly. Is it all just a “nutty” coincidence that in 30 years we won consistently with Nutt for a decade?

Regardless, Arkansas ran off its only winning coach in the last 30 years…and before that we ran off the winningest coach in Arkansas football history. Maybe when we wonder who is to blame for this awful football Razorback Nation needs to look in the mirror – maybe all this misery of late is just that lady coming back to visit, the one who don’t lose your address.

1st huge mistake - allow Ken Hatfield to leave.

And you make great points about HDN.

Hindsight is 20/20 but those turned out to be bad decisions.

I can’t believe Dabo can’t see where they’re coming from you give up 35 points and 510 yards passing to a very mediocre South Carolina team. How can you not be disappointed in that as a coach!!can you imagine how many Alabama would have scored. They have been giving up yards in a secondary all year long I believe Alabama will beat them because of that if not somebody else. Chain only as strong as your weakest link