Swinging for the fences

Hogs offer 5-star LB Sammy Brown.

Got these numbers off his Twitter account.

6’3 235 Bench: 365, Squat: 550, Clean: 385 | 10.69 100m

Junior Season:
181 carries, 1459 yards, 21 tds
12 receptions, 246 yards, 3 tds
113 tackles, 5 TFL, 4 PBU, 1 SK, Int

Pretty freakish.


Can’t connect if you don’t swing.

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Freakish is only word for sure. Young man has a fantastic opportunity ahead, if he can stay healthy and keep his head on straight. By measurements alone, he would be a monster as a RB. If an NFL top player, which would make him the most money?

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You can’t land them if you don’t make the offer! Keep it up and you will land a few.

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I’m not sure–either Texas A&M or Alabama.

In today’s NFL, highest paid LB is much higher than the highest paid RB. RB - McCaffrey - $64M - 4yrs - Ave $16M. OLB TJ Watt - $102M - 4 yrs - Ave - $28M / ILB - $98.5 - 5yrs - Ave - $19.7M

OLB’s that are also edge rushers are making big bucks!

Interesting, thanks for sharing. It makes sense. Great money for great players.