What is your prediction for the game tomorrow?
What Seed do we get with a win or a loss

I don’t think that tomorrow’s game will have any on our seeding. JMO

Well that will leave us on 8-9 line as a 9 seed that stinks. It would have been better to get a 10. We will know what our draw is tomorrow afternoon.

I think our seed might be affected a little, in that, for instance, we could go from a high 9 to a low 8. Which would really only change our uniform color for the first round. But that’s about it. And it’s possible our seed will be locked down before noon.

Thanks Swine. What do you think it would have been if we didn’t have the 2 bad losses.

4 or 5 seed I think. Quality wins still lacking even if we’d beaten Moo and Misery. SoCar started out as a QW but headed in other direction fast. Could finally get one today.

I said this in another thread, but when the committee gave their sneak peak, Florida was so different than what Lunardi and Palm had, I’m not sure they’ll make us an 8/9. I do agree about the QW vs BL. I think it makes a HUGE difference.

Bracket matrix has us as the top 8 seed right now, sticking to my prediction that we end up a 7…or a 6 if we win convincingly.