Swine, you and I for the FA Cup final

Swine, your Arsenal beat Manchester City and my Chelsea beat Dudley’s Manchester United in the semis. All London final. Let’s rumble.

Chelsea won without Christian Pulisic, who was hurt. The top American has been en fuego.

I’m good with that. At least Duds’ ManU isn’t there. Listened to both matches on SiriusXM this weekend.

Gooners beat Liverpool and City in four days, They seem to have remembered how to play defence (spelling intentional). Hopefully ex-Gunner Giroud doesn’t come back to bite us.

Besides, Chelsea is in Europe already, Arsenal isn’t. We need it more.

For the final, you should sign up for a free one month trial of ESPN+ And then cancel it after the final if you want to.

That’s a possibility

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