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What your thoughts on the bubble now and how many ACC teams get in the Dance.
Our hogs your prediction

I think the ACC gets 10. Don’t think they deserve 10, but they’ll get them anyway. Clemson might have become an 11th if they’d survived, but 17-15 with an RPI in the 60s ain’t gonna cut it.

I think Vandy locks up a bid if they win today.

Syracuse had better root for Mid Tenn. The #1-seed hasn’t won the CUSA tournament in a while. Somebody’s bubble will burst if they lose. I know the committee supposedly ignores conference, but I have to believe politics will come into play. There will be some people in that room who will balk at keeping the 10th ACC team over, say, the third A10 team. I don’t think any conference should get 10 in.

Looking at the ACC list again, I’m thinking 9 bids now. Syracuse is toast anyway, or should be, despite what Lunardi says. Winning two of 11 games away from home is no way to get a Dance card, along with an RPI in the 80s. Same with Clemson, with 15 losses and an RPI in the 60s. The last ACC team with a legitimate argument is Wake Forest, which is #40 RPI, #34 Sagarin, #31 BPI and #31 Pomeroy. Of course Wake lost yesterday as well so they’re rooting for Mid Tenn.


What about Wake Forest

Did you not read the part about Wake Forest being the last ACC team with a legitimate argument? If the ACC gets 9, Wake would be the 9th.

Ok I missed it.