Swept by Miss State!

Pitiful performance. Hate being negative, but it is what it is.
Didn’t see this coming.

Pathetic. National seed is gone and if we keep playing like this, we won’t be hosting a regional.

It’s not gone yet. But if they don’t turn this around, the opportunity may not be there for long. Getting swept really hurts. But we are still there at the top of the West. We still have a lot of opportunity to get there.

We need a least a split with Tech and a sweep of Alabama and a series win with A&M.

As I said in another thread, Ole Miss lost to Mississippi State in Starkville and still is in line to be a national seed and a regional host. One weekend out of 14 does not define the season.

As I said in another post. MooU rub our hog noses in the dirt. We should’ve at least won one game. Not saying they can’t come back but it doesn’t bode well for this team playing away from Baum.

It hasn’t cost us a regional or even a national seed, but it leaves very little room for error from here on out. Had we won the series or even won one game, we’d have something of a cushion. Now we badly need to sweep Alabama. Regardless, it’s hard to sugar coat this loss. It can come back to haunt us.

We got our noses rubbed in dog squeeze. Lost weekend in Stank Vegas.