Sweet win for my Eagles and the MVP Jason Peters

The Nick Foles Magic was back at work yesterday and Eagles March on to New Orleans, The big story of the game for Arkansas fans was how Jason Peters made Khalil Mack look like he wasn’t even playing. Great job by old man Peters. As coach said Jason was perhaps the MVP for the game.

Fly Eagles fly!

Jason Peters is such a great athlete. At 6-5 and about 310 in college, he played some tight end and could catch the ball and had incredible feet. He is past his prime at 38 and has had some injury issues the last couple of years, but I did not see Khalil Mack dominate that game.

Nick Foles is just amazing. That Philadelphia coach is a good one.

Jason Peters is a Hall of Famer. I know people talk about building statues of McFadden, Atwater, Alworth, Hampton and maybe others. But no one has been better for as long as Peters. Bobby Allen still keeps up with Jason. Bobby was one of the UA coaches who found Jason.

I do recall that there was debate on whether to play him at DT, DE or OT. And, there was a need as a blocking tight end and that’s where he wound up. I am good friends with John Thompson, but I kid him about turning him back over to the offensive coaches because he did too much free lancing as a defensive end in his brief trial there. He made three tackles for lost yardage in a spring game and all three of them were busts from the call or the scheme. John wanted more discipline so Houston said he’d move him back to offense and let him try TE. That duo of Peters next to Shawn Andrews was terrific. Defensive coordinators didn’t know what to do because that side would be dominant, and that meant there would always be one-on-one matchups on the other side that made run calls easy there, too.

I like the fact that you beat the Bears and get to go play New Orleans because my Cowboys beat you twice season.

I would much rather play LA where we will have half - if not more - of the fans there than they do.

Feel free to go beat New Orleans as well.

Clay, were there ever two better athletes for their size than Shawn Andrews lined up next to Jason Peters?

I still remember Andrews as a freshman playing tackle against Ole Miss in Fayetteville. He was so dominant against them it was amazing…he keep putting his guy on the ground…He was probably just 18 then. He was so quick out of his stance and so light on his feet. He would explode and get on his guy before the Ole Miss guy could get going. I don’t watch offensive lineman usually, but he was such an athlete it was something. They were both physically awesome.

Dudley, I posted on here about 8-9 weeks ago that I thought Dallas had a chance to get to the Super Bowl…a chance which looked bleak then, but that defense is simply a great defense. Dallas dominated New Orleans in Dallas. It was simply an incredible defense which took Drew Brees out of the game, really.

Dallas is going to have to beat the Rams and the Saints, probably, to get to the Super Bowl. I guess that is the way it should be. That is a tall order.

Dallas is built for the playoffs, according to many. They have a great defense and the leading rusher in the NFL is Zeke Elliott who is a man. My concern is can Dallas put up enough point against Los Angeles?

That ain’t happenin’ :sunglasses:

I don’t think they’ll have to “outscore” them (obviously to win they need more points, but you get what I’m saying). The Rams are weak against the run. Zeke avgs as many yards a carry as the Rams D gives up per carry. That’s a recipe for a slow, deliberate, methodical offense by Dallas. They can control the clock and make the Rams slow down. That all favors the Boys.

What I hope, is your Eagles beat the Saints and the NFC E has two teams in the NFC CG. I remember when Dallas was at 3-5, many of the “pundits” said the NFCE was so bad they probably didn’t deserve the 1 automatic playoff spot. What better way than to tell them they were wrong.

I agree. Rams would be a better matchup for the Cowboys than going to the dome… I think Cowboys will beat the Rams. I don’t see Eagles beating the Saints.

And that duo of Peters and Andrews played together for the Eagles.

I don’t think you can find a better TE-OT combo anywhere as far as run blocking at college level. And I’m not talking about just Arkansas.

Those kind of combos are rare. The Sooners had a triple threat on defense once of the three Selmons. I’d compare that favorably with the all-time great Arkansas group of Dan Hampton, Jimmy Walker and Dale White.

Peters and Andrews side by side is the best in UA history. they routinely pancaked SEC players, just manhandled them and Peters got even better in the NFL. They are the kind we will have to bring in if we are ever challenge Bama.

Don’t I remember his catching critical passes in the 7 overtime victory against Ole miss

They never played together in Philadelphia. Peters’ first year after the trade from Buffalo was 2009. Andrews missed the '09 season with an injury, then was released.

You are right. Forgot about Shawn missing the 2009 season.

Peters caught key passes in both 7 OT games, at Ole Miss and at Kentucky.

Didn’t Sean’s brother (who played at Ole Miss) sign with the Eagles and play offensive line with Peters for a few years?

The answer is no. Both the Andrews and Peters were on the 09 Eagles. Shawn missed the season, Stacey was benched in the second game of the season due to knee injury from the year before. Both the Andrews were gone by 2010