Sweet Revenge per the Demozette...

The headline in the sports page today! Really? What is this…a Freudian slip? I woke up and read the headline and thought…didn’t we lose? No…it was a bad dream…we really won. Then I remembered we lost.

This is the final nail in the coffin for me. My subscription runs out in 2 months and I am done.

Sweet Revenge…really?

That was pretty bad.

Wow! That is unreal…

When I was in the journalism business, the ADG used to hire a lot of people straight out of J-school at Missouri. Maybe they still do. Are some of those people Missouri natives with some emotional ties to the home state? Or just gigging Arkansas fans a bit? Neither one would surprise me.

Well, a friend of mine called today and complained to the DemocratGazette about the sports headline “Sweet Revenge”. The employee of the paper said the paper’s policy was to be fair and balanced. Since when? I have never seen a sports headline in a home state newspaper, including the DemoZette, which supported the out-of-state team in a battle against the home state university. I expected something like “Hogs Lose a Heartbreaker”.

Is this how far, in our crazy world, that political correctness has come?

This is total BS. I am done with this paper. You guys are gonna have to keep me up with the exploits of Dagwood Bumstead. That is all I am going to miss…the comics.

Any sports section ran by Wally Hall is NOT going to be “fair and balanced.”

I agree, not a good choice of headlines. I thought maybe I left early and missed a comeback. Well, I knew I didn’t. But some people left early – a few – the previous morning.