Sweet 16 notes

OK, since most of us threw our brackets in the trash a few days ago, let’s regroup. Now that the Sweet 16 is set, a few notes:

Conferences represented:

  • Big 12 (3) - Kansas, Texas Tech, Iowa State
  • ACC (3) - Duke, Miami, North Carolina
  • Pac 12 (2) - Arizona, UCLA
  • Big 10 (2) - Purdue, Michigan
  • Big East (2) - Villanova, Providence
  • SEC (1) - Arkansas
  • West Coast Conference (1) - Gonzaga
  • American Athletic Conference (1) - Houston
  • Metro Atlantic (1) - St. Peter’s

One of 5 teams will win it all….

Before the Tournament, Razorag posted a graphic showing that “An NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion has never been outside the top 40 in offensive efficiency and top 20 in defensive efficiency”. Of the 9 teams listed, only 5 remain: Arizona, Arkansas, Gonzaga, Houston, and UCLA.

4 of these 5 play each other on Thursday….

  • Arkansas vs Gonzaga
  • Houston vs Arizona

That means the 2022 champion will be one of 3 teams remaining after Thursday night (unless history is made).

  • Arkansas/Gonzaga winner (West)
  • Arizona/Houston winner (South)
  • UCLA (East)


  • The Arkansas/Gonzaga winner has a high probability of making the Final 4.
  • The Arizona/Houston winner has a high probability of making the Final 4
  • UCLA has a high probability of making the Final 4.
  • The Champion will not come from the Midwest Regional.
  • Since the West Regional champion plays the South Regional champion in the Semi Finals in New Orleans, that means the winner of that game will win it all unless UCLA makes it to the Finals also.

Copy that…

There’s one thing to factor in!
If Duke beat Texas Tech it will be a hard time getting a fair shake from the refs to beat Duke and that goes to the NC game!
If the hogs beat the Zags I hope our next game would give our hogs a rematch with Texas Tech!
This time next week I hope we are taking about the hogs next opponent.
God bless all the hogs fans on their board and across the country. We are tuff folks for what we’ve endured since our hogs were nationally relevant! Man it’s nice to be getting same media coverage despite the fact a lot of it isn’t given to our hogs with much respect.
That will be earned by winning and doing things the right way!


You left out a conference represented: the Southwest Conference. Three teams. And could’ve had more had TCU, Baylor and Texas taken care of business over the weekend. LOL. The SWC would’ve been a helluva league this year. Add the Aggies to the mix, too. And SMU was a bubble team that was good this year.


And once again we rule the SWC in round ball. :rofl: :rofl:


I agree that if Duke is playing, the nod will go to them on close calls. Coach K goes into each game as his last to coach. Refs don’t want to be the one who made a bad call that cost him a game. The team that I’ve had my eye on is Houston. They are really good.

Kind of like they greased the skids for Carolina’s last championship team.

Update regarding “An NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion has never been outside the top 40 in offensive efficiency and top 20 in defensive efficiency” …….

Currently, there are only 3 teams remaining that fit the above criteria…….

  • Gonzaga (#1 offensive efficiency/#5 defensive efficiency)
  • Houston (#9/#3)
  • Arizona (#6/#12)

So, decent chance one of these 3 teams wins it all, with UCLA being another good possibility.

Current offensive efficiency/defensive efficiency rankings of the other remaining teams:

  • Arkansas (#105/#25)
  • Duke (#5/#88)
  • Texas Tech (#93/#2)
  • Villanova (#14/#72)
  • Michigan (#43/#219)
  • North Carolina (#30/#148)
  • UCLA (#19/#28)
  • Purdue (#3/#171)
  • St Peter’s (#255/#11)
  • Kansas (#18/#58)
  • Providence (#79/#79)
  • Miami (#27/#241)
  • Iowa State (#271/#10)

Don’t those #s change as the games go on? So wouldn’t the winner of a game perhaps improve efficiency…

Correct, they change with each game. That’s why we were inside the top 40 offensive and top 20 defensive rankings before the Tournament, and now we’re outside both.

But, merely winning doesn’t necessarily improve your ranking (nor does losing necessarily worsen it).

(I failed to check updated rankings when I made the original post)

Looks like this is the next best…and, they destroyed St Marthas.

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