Sweep is SWEEEEEET!!

I went into the weekend hoping to get at least a series win, but not really expecting a sweep. I thought we’d lost Friday night’s game 3-4 times. Wasn’t until the big win yesterday I thought we had a better than 50-50 chance of getting the sweep. But this was never a comfortable game. We had several chances to open it up, but fortunately, the fact that we never did doesn’t matter. 4-3 in the 10th counts as much as 15-3 last night.

I almost feel sorry for Tennessee. Emphasis on “almost”

Sweeps are becoming common lately against some good teams.

I never feel sorry for any team the hogs beat! Especially when it’s a sweep! There’s 2 teams in the SEC I would like to see the higs sweep. LSU and Ole Miss.
I guess it’s time to see if the hogs can achieve one of those on my wish list in 2 weeks!
Today the higs failed to look for the junk and go to the opposite field. Especially Fletcher and Martin. Tenn had some great pitching today! Sometimes it’s good to have to win a close game.