SWC Redo

Coop usually knows what he’s talking about. More good pub.

That was a great night. The game was close with the Razorbacks holding a small lead the whole game. Always a great day any time you can beat the Longhorns.

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We owned “Sweet Tom,” the Longhorns, and Dallas in those days.

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Loved that 88-85 Victory

I liked the 1991 swc tournament championship game 120-89 Poor Sweet Tom :slightly_smiling_face:

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I actually had the best seats I’ve ever had for a big-time game like that…on the floor, directly behind one of the baskets (they set up small bleacher seats there…we were maybe 7 rows from the court). What was interesting was that you could hear the players talk on defense, and jabber at each other while standing on the FT line. Oliver Miller was really dishing it out to the Horns.

IIRC, there was a collision late in the game that sent UT All-star guard Travis Mays to the hardwood in an awkward fall. He stayed in the game. It was just a high-flying, fast-moving game. Very exciting and Oh so satisfying to continue our mastery over Sweet Tom with such big stakes. The Razorback players were VERY excited to be on their way to the Final Four as they cut the nets down right in front of us.

I just recall how great Lenzie Howell was in that game. He’s among my all-time favorite Hog basketball players. RIP Lenzie. Great mid range game. Reliable.

hawgjawbend, Lenzie Howell was one of my father’s all-time favorites too. Daddy was an old time point guard (he played at Westminster College in the early 40s) and loved basketball.

Yep. He was great. Led scoring that day with 21 points. Tore up Texas. Loved it!

RIP Lenzie

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