Sutton Gym

UA trustees approved a recommendation today to name the gym within the Basketball Performance Center after Eddie Sutton. … er-sutton/

I like it. Honoring Sutton and Richardson at the same time seems appropriate.



It won’t be popular but I don’t see why we’re honoring Sutton with anything like this. Yes, he got us to a Final 4, but so did Lambert and Rose, but no honoring them. Richardson, got us to 3 Final Fours, 2 NC’s and won us our only NC. Honoring Richardson makes sense in naming the court after him. Sutton has a banner in BWA, that should be enough.

I’m with you. May have been a “quid pro quo” agreement for naming the court after Coach Richardson.

I think it reeks of politics to honor the two at the same time. They should do it separately. In fact the Sutton announcement should have come after Nolan was honored.

Without Sutton, not sure you would’ve had a Nolan Richardson at Arkansas.

I don’t disagree with that and I’m in no way trying to demean Sutton’s success here, but compared to Richardson, I just don’t think he deserves this type of honor. He’s got a banner up in BWA, I think that’s enough.

Respectfully disagree but I still love ya.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

This. 100%. I love the idea to honor him. Despite his personal demons and the way he left, he put Arkansas Basketball on the map and taught an entire generation of Hog fans how to understand and appreciate the game of basketball. Those were some pretty magical years.

I’m glad to see us embracing and honoring our past in meaningful ways and I don’t believe this honor detracts in any way from the honor of naming the court for Nolan. Now speaking of honoring our past…bring back Slobber Hog.

First of all it’s a practice court so while it’s an honor, it’s not the same as BWA which as I noted seems appropriate.

Sutton inherited a backwards program that had been to 1 NCAA tournament in the previous 23 years. It had no tradition (don’t give me the other guys that was the 30s and 40s) and no facilities in a football crazy state. In his first 2 years he had us competitive (11-3 in the SWC his 2nd year). In his last 9 years we went to 9 NCAA tournaments, ranked in the Top 10 in the final poll in 4 of those years and ranked inside the Top 20 in 8 of those years. Recruited multiple guys who played in the NBA and turned this state into a basketball crazy state. Never won less than 10 conference games (yes I know the SWC was weaker) with the exception of his 1st year when we were 9-7. In fact he went 13-3 in conference 7 of his 11 years to include a 16-0 conference record in 77-78.

I hated the “crawl to Lexington” comment and I hated the fact that when he left he was a bitter alcoholic. However, he accomplished way more then you just mentioned.

Sutton awoke a sleeping giant and created a modern monster that had to be fed. Nolan took it further and deserves court name, but without Sutton, well, its hard to imagine.

Personally I don’t think a practice gym does any justice to a guy who literally build Barnhill up from the dirt into a national powerhouse program.

I hate to think of what some wanted if not even a practice gym floor, like a BWA concourse snack bar or something?

Don’t get me wrong, Nolan deserves the court.

Would like to see a statue for Nolan and one for Sutton at entrances into BWA.

I hope coach M wins two national teams tiles and we have to find a creative way to honor him as well


Agree 100%

Coach Sutton was a great coach. He built Arkansas basketball. There would have been no Bud Walton Arena without Coach Sutton. Coach Richardson took the program to a higher level, but never underestimate what Coach Sutton did. I personally don’t like naming a practice facility after him. He should have had something more, but it is better than nothing.

Coach Sutton and Coach Richardson both made huge gaffes when leaving the program…both guys probably regret doing what they did. It is time to move on. We had almost 30 years of great basketball. But it has been about 20 years of wandering around in the wilderness. Maybe Coach Musselman can produce some old magic.

Sutton turned Barnhill from a barn to an arena. So name Barnhill after him. There would be no Bud without Richardson.

Sutton was a tremendous coach at Arkansas and glad to see him get some name recognition. I agree with Richard, without the success of Sutton setting the table, we may have never received the grace of Nolan.

That’s fine, but does it constitute getting this kind of honor? He has name recognition and a banner in BWA. It just seems that the BOT were trying to appease a small group of people who didn’t want to give Richardson his due credit without trying to get in Sutton.