Why do I have to answer survey questions before able to see certain articles— extremely frustrating!!!

If you are a subscriber you should not see the survey. Make sure you are logged into the content side. You can do this by going to a story and looking at the top of the page.

I see the survey request quite a bit. However, there is an option to SKIP survey. Click on that and the story appears.

And I am seeing the surveys a lot as well, then I got a scary 404 message.

On my iPad, using Chrome, I get the pop up surveys. However, I can’t take the survey as it doesn’t recognize any clicks on it. So, the story is always covered up with no way out.

Safari is working. So far.

I am a subscriber and when I look at top of page to see if logged in only see place to log out— so would assume am logged in— see nothing else at top of page to remove the obnoxious and frustrating survey— PLEASE help

It’s worse today—cannot click on any story without the survey

Survey pop up depends from where I open the story, link in a thread or feature at top.
Can skip or answer 1 survey question.

Always use my desktop computer. Haven’t seen a survey in years. Maybe that will narrow the problem down to whatever you are using to access the board.

I have been seeing them too and wondering what is going on

I never see them when logged in. Logged out yes.

I have sent these complaints to our developers.

Melody in IT made a change that she thinks will fix the problem. Let me know if you continue to have it. And if you do, please make sure you are logged in at the top of the page. Remember that we have separate logins for the message board and the content side of the website.

saw one today… I never log out so I am always logged in. just started this about 1-2 weeks ago

I’m still getting the surveys today. Some never ending. I logged out and back in and didn’t make a difference.

Can one of you send us a screenshot of what you are seeing? You can email it to It will help determine what is causing it.

Sent a screen shot and it appears the survey questions don’t copy, only the subject and the blanked out article.

Been getting them for weeks, always logged in