If there is an automatic way to do a survey, as we are used to it, I am not seeing it. So I’m going to do this the old fashioned way.

And, this topic is NOT meant to fan any flames. It is a simple question, based on something I’ve seen posted here, and - quite honestly - I’d think Clay would have an interest in knowing this as well.

My question: Prior to the change Monday, did YOU

<COLOR color="#0000FF">[color=#0000FF]<strong>A)</strong>[/color]</COLOR>    Get both an email and letter from H.I. addressing the change.

<COLOR color="#0000FF">[color=#0000FF]<strong>B)</strong>[/color]</COLOR>    Get a letter - but no email

[color=#0000FF] C) [/color] Get an email - but no letter

<COLOR color="#0000FF">[color=#0000FF]<strong>D)</strong>[/color]</COLOR>    Get neither an email, nor a letter

I’ll start it off by saying I got neither - to my knowledge. And - yes - I’ve looked at my spam folder as well. Plus, I live alone so I’m the only one checking the snail mail. There’s no one else that might have accidentally thrown it away as junk before I saw it.

(B) - I got a letter that was delivered the day after the change, but no e-mail. The late delivery of the letter could well have been the fault of the post office. I did not look at the posted date on the envelope.


My answer is D. I did got neither a letter in the US mail or an email. It does not any difference. I think when you do something like this, you just have to jump ship and go with it; for the one party you were hooked up with will not let you pull away customers. I kind of look at like getting served divorce papers by the Sherriff at your workplace, you go home to your house and not a stick of furniture in the house and no money in your accounts at the bank. The wife and kids gone, there you are. At least here we got the message from Marty where the party had moved on to. I am OK with it. I like all my fellow message board posters and I like the info I get. Thanks Wiz for the survey. Hope to see you at a game soon.

B. Received the letter the day of the switch.

I don’t recall receiving an email, but may be mistaken.

But that all being said, a heads up about the switch a little earlier would have been nice. But it’s not a deal-breaker with me.

I looked in my non-work e-mail today, found a message dated about 1 pm Monday afternoon from Clay.

Letter at home, no idea. Wife checks the mail. I work late.

No big deal either way.

D A day late


Now have a poll on those desiring Classic View.

Got the letter one day AFTER the change … not totally unexpected living out here in CA.

I don’t recall receiving anything.

C. I got two emails, but no letter.


Same as Hillcresthog, got the letter when I got home and picked up Monday’s mail.

One email, day of change. No letter

B…on the28th…ludicrous

I got Neither. {D}


I got a letter shortly after the change. I kept noticing when I clicked on scout in my history it kept taking me to whole hog. Makes sense now


B and it came TODAY in CA