Surprisingly we advance by defense...

Both teams right at 1.0 points per possession. The bye probably helped us with Ole Miss’ legs. It wasn’t an offensive performance that we will save in a time capsule. Impressive that we won when nobody was really on for us. Beard, Thompson, and Watkins were the only players that managed 50% from the field. All are rare shooters. The entire team seemingly took turns at blowing layup opportunities, else we wouldn’t have had to sweat it out. Nonetheless, good experience for the tourney. Find a way to tough out a survive and advance with guile and grit when you aren’t your best. We got plenty of jumpers stored in the vault for the Dores.

Response: You think due to this being the hawgs first game played in the tournament as oppose to ole miss second game created a little sloppiness

We only had 10 TOS so not totally sloppy. But I think we were anxious and nervous which led to some rushed shots and layups and lower FG %.

I think we should look better offensively today. If we can look just as good defensively as last night we should be fine.

Agreed. And we’ll have to look better or Vandy will drill us again. I hope three games in <48 hours takes its toll on Vandy’s jumpshooters.