Surprised we haven't contacted this guy

6-11 kid, and you know if he played at Virginia he knows how to defend. Averaged 6 points, 4 boards, 1.5 blocks and shot 79% from the line.

Not everything gets out sometimes.

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Well this is coming from the kid himself, unless he forgot a few. Which is possible with almost 30 schools on the list.

I think there may be reasons Muss isn’t interested (if that’s the case). Shedrick will be a senior. He still wasn’t starting as a junior. He’s not a 3 point shooter. About all his stats have dropped from his Soph year, including minutes per game. He is a good shot-blocker, but so are both of our twins. He is a better free throw shooter than they are.

We have a 5-star, 7 foot freshman coming in. Mahki (or the twins, if necessary) is/are probably better than Shedrick.

If Muss isn’t interested, I could understand why. If he thinks the twins are wanting to leave, then I would understand if he was interested and looking for a back-up center.

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Could very well be true but when you’re contacted by so many schools it’s easy to forget a school or two. Kids often tell me they forgot a school and tell me later.

True and not looking to be argumentative but if he forgot Arkansas it would be like someone forgetting Alabama in football. Not likely to happen unless both player and coach wanted it that way.

Happens all the time. I promise. Not saying that’s the case here but it happens.

Bama has 10 plus national championships. Arkansas hoops has one.

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In past three years , Arkansas publicity is higher on basketball stage at tournament time. He would have remembered given that is all I am saying. I will say Bama is not likely to have that football championship run continue as it has in the past (reversion to mean is one reason) . Both Saban and Muss are elite recruiters.

I promise you Bama’s name in football is higher than Arkansas’ in hoops. No doubt Muss has brought the program to a level not seen since Nolan but many people look at Saban as the GOAT.

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