Surprised we are 9 point underdogs @ Auburn.

I expected Auburn to be favored by 3-4. Would not be surprised to see the line go down before the game. … r-arkansas

Very surprised. Good motivation. Gotta stop the run this week.

Shhhh I’m taking advantage of this media conspiracy

Looks like easy money to take the Hogs. Albarn does have a good defense but not on Bama’s or A/M’s level. Their offense is good running the ball but have problems through the air. They have thrown one touchdown pass total against A/M, MSU, LSU, and Clemson. Albarn is at home coming off a “buy” week (couldn’t resist) and we have played three tough games in a row but I think our staff can keep them focused after the Ol Miss win. I would think the line should be -3 or 4 but -9 is way over the top.

Up to 9.5.

Expect to see a large dose of Last Chance U malcontent JFIII running the football from QB.

Nice post, Auburn has also given up 15 sacks and their defense has 14

Auburn has a 85% chance to win according to FPI

Saw that on the Paul finebaum show! No respect as usual.

Auburn has played just as tough a schedule as have the Hogs.

However, Auburn’s defense is #9 in the country in first downs defense; they’re # 8 nationally in red zone defense; they’re number 11 nationally in scoring defense; just behind Bama in the SEC; and they’re #30 nationally in Total Defense (Ole Miss is #104). They played Clemson and TAMU fairly tough.

I prefer going into the game as a afterthought. All the talk this week will be about Auburn, etc. Ark given little chance, big underdog…I kinda like that

We have always even before coach B played better as underdogs

That’s fine by me bring home a W boys

I’m sitting in the airport in Las Vegas as I type this. Stayed at Caesar’s last night & noticed they have Auburn as a 10 pt favorite. If I were staying through the weekend, I’d have bet a nice sum (for me) on the hogs at that spread.

I realize oddsmakers & the betting public generally know things I don’t know. I realize they’re right more than they’re wrong. Still, I believe the hogs are better than 10 point dogs to Albarn. I even think we’ll win outright. Wouldn’t have said that if Ole Miss had beaten us, but I have a good feeling about the game. (Yeah, my feelings aren’t worth much, either. I felt we’d lose to the bears.)

I keep wondering how their defense has apparently improved so much since we played them last year…versus the status of our D.

What I saw in the second half last Saturday against OM was very encouraging.

Westgate Super Book in Vegas has the War Eagle up to 10, 'Bama sitting at 18. :!: … las-vegas/

This game against the War Eagles worries me. They do seem to play very solid defense this year. Malzahns offense will get atleast one trick play for a score. I’m not sure we can control the line of scrimmage from the offensive side.

But, I don’t see the odds makers giving us 9 points. I’d take that bet all day.

Sometimes during football season, you see a betting line that leaves you shaking your head…This is one of them. Auburn has a good defense and a mediocre offense. We have a stud offense and a mediocre defense. We have a weapon they don’t…a very good passing quarterback. He touches the ball every offensive play for us. Austin Allen will be a key to the victory, if we win.

We are pretty solid up front on defense and defend the run pretty well. We match up well against Auburn. Our defense won’t have to defend the pass every down. We are slow, but Brooks Ellis will play well against this type of offense. He will have a bunch of tackles, I believe. Auburn is the kind of team he will play well against.

I see this game as a pick em. We will see.

I think the line has a lot to do with what Bama did to the Hogs on the ground, in addition to Aubie’s defense.

I can understand the big spread. Home game for the Cheetahs who seem to have found a QB.

Auburn is loaded with better rated players. But, I don’t think they are better coached. Our boys are finding their groove.

It will be a close game and I think the Hogs will win. That’s my plan.


They have already missed 4 of the hogs games this year alone…badly missed… So who wants to bet the house with Vegas when they have been less than 50% right this year?