surprised the team is still not in game shape.

reading Cornelius statement that said the poor tackling was probably b/c of the defense being tired and that they were huffing and puffing which shocks me b/c we have been told how much they ran this offseason. We have a game in 2 weeks I kind of thought being in shape should not be problem B/c that’s what the offseason is for…guess we will see.

What you don’t know is how many snaps yesterday vs. how many in a real game. I suspect they ran 200 ish plays yesterday compared to maybe 80 snaps (using Chavis’s number) in a real game. I’m not worried about game conditioning at all. Should have been worried last year, though. Clearly.

This makes me think that the offense is beginning to get plays off quicker as CCM wants. Which is a good thing. That is what his offense is built around.

We shall see soon.

said there were about 125 plays I think…I would hope we are in shape b/c we have heard about all the running but we went uptempo and we were huffing and puffing so I guess we will find out pretty quick.

Morris said they ran about 140 plays, they hadn’t planned on that many, but that’s what it took. We didn’t play Greenlaw or Harris at LB, not sure who else didn’t participate on defense. It’s understandable that Guidry and Gerald lacked conditioning, I’m not sure who else was “out of game shape”??

There was a lot focus on getting film of players and seeing how the depth could be tweaked. They are being very careful about practicing to be physical and getting key players hurt. I think the offense did better later in scrimmage and that is probably when the rotating of players begin.

It does help explain why our defense was so bad the past few years as we did not have depth to handle teams that stayed on field. We got tired and we lost discipline. Chavis is right about focus on getting off the field on third down and I am guessing here that he can see the defense being on field more if offense getting rolling and scores points quickly.

I can see more running game to balance depth which also help save oline while we try to develop depth. We might sell wide open offense but run first to buy time for experience esp. first three games. We cannot afford any key injuries to oline or Qb or we will struggle in big way. Gotta getting depth with who is there now— thankfully we have some coming back in season too.

Usually the defense only plays roughly half the plays. So whereas the defense may typically play 70 snaps, playing 140 would understandably get them gassed at the end.

It’s probably a good idea to see just what the players can tolerate, who’s in the best shape, etc. The coaches likely learned a lot from this scrimmage and will now have another data point from which to judge the progression of their conditioning.

The guys can be in incredible shape, and still not be in game shape. Key word is, “game”, you can simulate a game all you want but it’s never truly the same as being on the field under the lights. They will get into true game shape after the first game. But as far as being in shape, there’s no questioning this team is in far better shape then they have been in the past 5 years, they definitely look a lot better too.

Defenders missing tackles sounds exactly like what chad wants, and what Chavis has to keep from happening. So I’d look at it as a double positive, the offense had good tempo, and the defense had a good learning example.

Playing real football is the only way to get in shape. Carrying pads is how you do it. Scrimmaging is how you do it. No team is in true game shape. That will come, but you can’t get used to wearing pads until you wear them and engage with other players wearing pads. That part of football never changes.

It may be the Citadel Effect.

we made them wear weighted vests in the offseason to simulate the weight pads have, so it can be done…I am not sure how many teams will play uptempo against us so may not be a problem .

  1. Several defensive players played none or little, they named Dre, Scoota and Ramsey. I think trying to avoid key injuries, and also they know what those guys will give them and they are trying to establish depth.
  2. 140 plays is a lot! Especially short-handed, especially against our fast offense
  3. It’s a scrimmage-if the defense looked awesome and made every tackle, then we’d all be worried that we had no play=makers, no players who can avoid tackles or break tackles
  4. Coaches always motivate, and these coaches are going to earn their pay this year with this roster and the injuries. I don’t think you’ll hear glowing praises from them until after a bowl win lol
  5. No way to get in game shape until the season is going on, whether football or basketball

the only reason I posted is b/c the players said they ran them to death so I just assumed the few LBs of added pad weight wouldn’t mkae that much difference but like I said may not matter B/c I’m not sure how many spread teams we face.I know NT throws it a lot.

I come from the old school that practices were way harder than games so hopefully this will hold true.

Not sure how this is not understood, hot day, almost 2 games worth of snaps, several "starters " not playing or playing very little. I think the scrimmage was probably a good coaching tool, especially for the young guys.

I think you are overthinking things.

Also, J-red was smiling when he said it as a gig for the D.

oh Ok well I didn’t know that! I really was going to be surprised if conditioning was ever going to be a problem b/c many have said how much they ran in the offseason.

That’s is how I took the comment. I think he said the defense was gassed after the first series. I doubt that.

now is the time to criticize, pat them on the back and it will get you a complacent team. keep pointing out their shortcomings and hopefully, they will be better when it counts most. I remember the last coaching staff telling us how good our defensive line was in camp, 22 deep they said, turned out to be one of the worst d lines we had in years. until last year of course.