Surprised no one has gone uptempo against us so far

Seems like with a short bench, Hogs would be vulnerable to an uptempo team. Seems like no one has tried to get into our legs.

Maybe coaches think that with our lack of size, we are more vulnerable to half court sets. But if they watch the film, they should know by now that we are at our best in defending the half court with our length on the perimeter.

Maybe none of the teams we have played so far have had the ability to push the tempo.

This will be interesting to watch going forward and see what the SEC coaches do.

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Good point, would be interested to see how Mike Anderson or Nolan would play against these Hawgs. I’m pretty sure Nolan would use tempo and 10 to 12 players to get into our legs. But, on the other hand, I think Muss could slow down the tempo while the Razorbacks are on offense.

We might not defend as well with tempo but we would be much better offensively. Slow playing us is best option.

We will get a huge dose of the up tempo from Auburn! That’s a few weeks away.
Texas A&M, LSU and Ole Miss are the hogs first 3 conference games so we will see how those games go.

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It’s much easier to tire out bigs than guards. We don’t have that many bigs. It will probably make us better on offense to get in a running game. Gives Whitt more room to drive and spacing for our 3pt shooting. Our guard quickness helps overcome our size, at least for now

We are playing 4 guards most of the time–seems like up tempo would play right into our hands in terms of more space on the floor, more open looks for 3

IU had a good game plan it seemed, we just got so hot from 3 at the end we were able to pull out the W

Collectively, our guards are not strong and athletic, so an opposing team with athletic guards and forwards who are effective at moving with the ball will present real challenges for our team. But, I don’t think there are many teams equipped that way.

Auburn might be one, but they play at our place.

How many passes does EM want per game? 200? I guess that is why.

The idea behind uptempo is that it speeds you up and does feed into your offense but tires you and no matter how good your shooters are, their jump shots come up short in the last 8 to 10 minutes. That is the idea depending on how well the the team forcing the tempo executes it.

As some of you have said it will feed into our guard oriented offense. But I wonder if it will get into our legs. Could Joe and Jones play 39 minutes that way and still hit clutch shots at the end?

Not sure if uptempo will work or not against this team, but I am surprised no one has tried that yet, given we play just 7. Maybe teams we faced so far don’t have that package. Come to think, don’t know if we have come up against a high caliber PG. Al Durham of Indiana was ejected after 7 minutes, but I don’t think he is that good of a PG either.

And as some have said, we will see it soon.

In that case, Muss might have to use all his timeouts…

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