Surprised No Bama-Clemson Predictions Thread

So I’ll start one. I think Clemson beats Bama tonight. Tigers D will pressure Jalen H & force him to make plays passing, and I think Clemsons front can go nose to nose with Bama’s offense. And Clemson’s offense will score on Bama’s D. I just don’t think Bama’s offense is elite, and I think Clemsons is.

Clemson 38
Bama 28

After our meltdown in the last 2 games, I’m just going to enjoy watching the game. … title-game

Bama 27 Clemson 20

I will give you an Arkansas angle, the reason I’m pulling for Alabama.

Alex Mortensen has been on staff the last three years with Alabama. He’s been with quarterbacks, under Lane Kiffin. He’s the guy who has had hands on coaching of Blake Simms, Jake Coker and Jalen Hurts.

As a graduate assistant, he’s also coached the offensive scout team to give the look for the defense. I think there couldn’t be better prep for Alex to become a head coach, something I expect some day.

I have great respect for Alex and pull for him. I got some insight from older brother Butch on Alex in the fall of 2015. Alex took a class under Butch at Alabama while working on his Masters. Butch said Alex was one of his best prepared students. To no one’s surprise.

I know Chris Mortensen, Alex’ father, is in Tampa to watch the game.

I always pull for all in that family and will tonight. Alex is one of those you will see signaling in plays from sideline.

Bama with a relatively easy win. Somewhere between 14 and 21 points. Bama struggled with Clemson last year, but this year’s Bama team is better than last year. I don’t see any improvement in Clemson. They struggled mightily against VA Tech in the ACC Championship game. We should have beat VA Tech except for a historical collapse in the 2nd half. Many bettors are looking only at the OH St win and forgetting how they played in their League Championship game.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the new Bama OC improves the offense Kiffin was running. I do think Clemson is clearly the #2 Team, but this year, I’m not sure that means a close game. This Bama team, with a solid win tonight, might be regarded as the best ever. The defense will certainly be the best defense since the Hogs’ team in 1964!

I’m goIng with Clemson. If they get to hurts, I think they win. If not, not the first time I’ve been wrong. :slight_smile:

I was surprisingly close in my prediction. Wow what a game!

I had Clemson at: 34-31.