Surprised By Walsh

I knew had good hops and athleticism, but man his passing today was excellent! And speed to burn in transition…he flew by guys today on the break! Muss is going to have fun molding him.

Also the other kid we are after next year is really good.

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Elite shows up as those other players were not bad either.

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Jordan should be a top 5 player. He does everything well. Sooo glad he’s a Hog!

Impressed by how fluid he is with the ball in his hands in transition. Gets from point A to point B pretty quick with dribbles as long as his strides. Love his passing and vision. He had a left-handed pass for a score in the McDonald’s game earlier in the week that I couldn’t get enough of. Had to rewind it several times.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed that

You definitely weren’t the only one, and some of AB’s dimes were rewind worthy too.

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Walsh looked better in the team setting as opposed to the all star game. Excited to see him 35 times or so next year.

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The kid plays without an ounce of self interest and is team oriented… a rare trait for someone so decorated.


He’s what a 5-star is supposed to look like and it’s not just the athleticism.

I’ve been trying to say :sunglasses:


Saw Kenny Smith on TV saying in general that “he’s very athletic” often means “but he can’t play basketball”. Glad he’s both.

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