Surprised at all the negativity towards AD

I think it is fair to say this was one of the most disappointing football seasons I can remember, even with a winning record and a bowl game. From second half meltdowns to worst D in Hog history, I will try my best to purge this season from my memory.

That being said, I see many negative posts about Long and a bit surprised. Sure, he is ultimately responsible but his primary job as a CEO is to provide the resources to the coaches to field winning teams and graduate the players. As far as resources, I don’t think you can argue that he is done a great job here, football operation center, success center, performance center, NEZ, etc.

Of course, most ADs are ultimately judged by football team and jury is still out on this one for the Hogs. Only time will tell if CBB is the right man for the job but that will play out over the next couple of years. CBB makes 4 times what Long does and has been given complete control over the football program, hopefully he makes good decisions going forward regarding staff, recruiting and schemes.

the AD is of course ultimately responsible for our athletics.

i hold him accountable for our Ws and Ls as a fan should.

there are others who hold him accountable for other things.

different agendas with goals which merge in places

so he is a busy man
juggling as it were
have to keep the shareholders happy though

it is becoming increasingly more difficult to defend the hiring of our current HC.
many are hearing about how difficult it is for him to be fired bc of contract structure.
some are remembering how the deal was struck way way off the radar… kind of a backroom deal…
that day : when everyone in the state could be heard saying " beilema who ?"
make no mistake: this is jeff longs coach.

it is in so many peoples best interest for him to be a success
more and more spinning…

as someone said earlier: it is getting harder and harder to sell the razorback hype.

arkansas fans are slow but not stupid

There are a couple of folks on here that believe he should be running the recruiting and should be micromanaging the coaching staff. Thats where it comes from more than anything.

I think much of the frustration is due to the huge buyout he chose to give Bielema after a 6-6 season. Not 10-2, not 9-3, not 8-4, and not even 7-5. 6 and freaking 6…really? The funny thing is it’s one sided and Bret has a very small one that would have allowed him to leave for a very small amount should have had success and wanted to do so. Petrino also had a huge buyout, but it was a mirror buyout and was given after great success on the field.

AD malpractice in my book.

It’s the vocal minority of Petrino lovers that all hate Long and Gus lovers that look for any excuse to create a coaching vacancy at UofA to squeeze his name into it.

We have the best AD in the SEC.

He hired Petrino - you can fault him for firing BP - I do not.

He hired CBB - very successful P5 coach - this year was a BIG step back - time will tell.

He hired Mike Anderson - great hire - was so happy - but things are not going well.

So 3 terrific hires in addition to top-notch facility upgrades. This is what ADs are supposed to do. The success or failure of the FB and BB teams is on the coaches, not the AD. The only time this is not true is when the AD is inserting himself into the management of said teams and micromanaging things he has no business doing.

If CBB or Anderson have to be replaced, I am fine with Jeff Long leading the charge.

Just out of curiosity, what is your criteria for a great hire? Basketball coach going to NCAA once in 5 years? Arena never full. Losing best player in state 2 out of last 4 years? Football team getting mauled 56-3 in year 4 of his tenure? Setting records for most collapses in second half, Record setting defense as far as what they give up? Sub par recruiting? Those are great hires?

I’m in the wait and see camp regarding Jeff Long. I was for the Mike Anderson hire, but failure to make the NCAAs this year should result in CMA’s firing, regardless of who is signed/committed. It’s CMA’s system that’s underwhelming. Same for Bielema. Great to see all the guys in grad school by year 4 in the program, but a football team in the SEC with our facilities and Texas and North Louisiana athletes next door should produce better results after 5 years. Or, we could be happy with a Kentucky/Miss State level football program and a Georgia level hoops program in a great conference (aka-- “doormats to the great ones in the SEC”). One day, up in the skybox, Malcolm B. will turn to W. Andrew, III and say, “Oh look, Long’s boys in red are actually beating an upper tier SEC team down there. What a bonus for our guests at this party!”

This is about the most ‘Arkansas Fan’ comment I’ve ever seen. Seriously? Best in the SEC? I receive texts after almost every game bashing both BB and Long, and rightfully so, they are among the laughing stock of the SEC. But best in the SEC… forget the ADs who have hired guys who actually win in the SEC, no way, it couldn’t possibly be them! Ha ha

Dude - AT THE TIME OF THE HIRE is what is important here!

Are you telling me Long knew Anderson would only take us to the NCAA once in 5 years AT THE TIME OF THE HIRE? After his time at UAB and Mizz?

Did Long know we would lose to Auburn 56-3 AT THE TIME OF THE HIRE? The guy who beat HDN’s best team and had taken Wisky to 3 Rose Bowls?

You are looking for one-helluva AD that can predict the future.

ADs are business men these days and we have the best one out there.

I receive texts after almost every game bashing both BB and Long,

Well, if you receive texts bashing Long, then forget what I said!

My goodness, what was I thinking?

Who, pray tell, are your texters saying we should hire?

Like your post, many of the same people who liked the hires he made now want to bash Long. WPS