Surging Arkansas relishes second shot at Kentucky (Story)... … -kentucky/

It was mentioned more than once yesterday that the selection committee seems to have its seedlings completed before the Sunday afternoon championship games are completed baring a serious upset. I think that bodes well for the Hogs. They likely won’t gain much unless they blow out KY. They aren’t supposed to win, so they have nothing to lose today. They should be lose & focused. This is a different Razorback team than who KY faced Jan 7th. This team now knows it’s identity, is playing much better defense, rebounds much better (most of the time) & plays all around better team basketball. Also has 3 guards that might be the best trio in the country (especially offensively) . All of that said KY is seriously stacked with talent & has experience peppered on the team to help keep its head when the going gets tough. Everything considered , the Hogs are a tough out away from home . KY has won 10 in a row. All streaks end. I like the Hogs chances in what I think will be a down to the wire game. It’s both teams 3rd game in 3 days for both teams. Coaching along with a SUPER team effort by the Hogs could be the difference. In the beginning of the season KY was supposed to be playing in this game. Probably not the Hogs. It’s going to be a fun game whatever happens. Very proud of how this team has played since the embarrassments of the Mizzou loss & the rout by Vandy in BW Arena. Something clicked with this team after that. They found their identity and started trusting each other as a team. GO HOGS!! WPS!!!

You can wish but not only can Kentucky shoot better their future NBA players are much better athletics.