Surgery Update

I know that this topic will spark some interest. Chuck Barrett is out for a few days after hernia surgery on Monday. He has been battling pain because of a hernia for the last couple of weeks. He battled through the broadcast on Saturday. Chuck told me before the game that he would have the surgery on Monday.

“I was trying to make it to the open date, but doctors tell me that’s just not possible,” he said. “I’ll do it Monday and miss a few days, but will be back for the San Jose State game.”

He is doing well and recovering. Bo Mattingly will host the Chad Morris weekly radio show tonight (Wednesday). Chuck still thinks he’ll be back for the game on Saturday.

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Wow hate to hear that. Will be praying for him to have a Swift recovery.

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I have had 2 of those. In the grand scheme of things, it is not a serious surgery (very serious if not done or done correctly), you are still down for several days. Chuck will be uncomfortable Sat., but I suspect he will come through. Glad it went well

Someone get Chuck a cushion for his seat for the game. I’m glad he got it done and don’t wait. While it may not be a real serious surgery it can cause serious problems if you put it off! I’ll be praying for him!

I decline to get him a cushion. Years ago, he told Bo that the secret to dealing with me on the radio is NOT to get me a comfy chair. Make me uncomfortable. Not sure if that is true, but it sure made me laugh. Bo put me on a stool for about one year until I complained.

Hate to hear that about Chuck. No surgery is “good” even if it leads to a good result. Hope he heals up quickly.

Chuck is better today. He assumes with just modest improvement over the next 48 hours, he’s good to go in the booth. And, he plans to do the game without padded chair. He knows I would probably remove it when I’m there for my pre-game segment. I want him to be uncomfortable. I’m kidding.

:joy: :joy:

I chatted with him last night.

The Cardinals win over the Cubs Thursday night made him feel better.