Sure wish we had K J Hill

He gave Penn State fits tonight.

No sense is wishing for someone you don’t have.
KJ, could’ve stayed at home and been a difference maker as a Razorback, but decided that his career path would be better served playing for a Marquee football program ( Ohio State ) rather than being a home state hero.
It was a business decision no different than what Malik Monk, Archie Goodwin and several other instate highly rated athletes have done lately and this year we’ve lost out on a couple of highly rated O-Linemen to Oklahoma and believe it or not even Ole Miss.
I’m hoping that Henry and Burks answer the call of the Hogs, but won’t be shocked if they don’t.

Go Hogs!

KJ made the right choice. OSU competing for titles.

Burks is committed.

Yes, committed not signed yet.
I guess some need to be reminded that KJ Hill committed to Arkansas at the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame.
Yet he did say he might go ahead and take his official visits and that’s when the bright lights of Championship banners and the chance to be part of Championships swayed him to de commit and head to Colombo’s, Ohio.
So, when I say I hope that Henry and Burks “Call the Hogs”, that means they actually sign and become Razorbacks because these days “commitment” means very little if a bigger Dog Starts barking at you.

Arkansas, doesn’t produce that many legit D1 football players each year and can ill afford to lose those it does.
Unfortunately, in the two major revenue generating sports the Razorbacks lack of success for such a long time hasn’t instilled the reverence and pride it once did with home grown Razorbacks!

Go Hogs!

It depends on how one defines “right choice.” He made his. I don’t get to make it for him. It’s quite possible he’ll always be glad he made it, but it’s also quite possible he’ll come to regret. Either way, he’ll never be a homestate hero. He will be one in a long line of Ohio St players who fans will forget within a few years.

KJ and his family appear to have been better judges of coaching talent than most of us were at the time. There may have been something else going on too, but we likely never will know. I also seem to recall the Crimson Tide being involved in his recruiting, but then they weren’t. I don’t know if that bus filled up before he could board, or if Winters in Columbus were just too appealing. He probably wound up in the best place for him. I don’t root for him or against him. We all have to make the best decisions for ourselves and our families.

Yea his dad kissing the Bama championship trophies while getting all chummy with Nicks wife. It was all a parade to show how the big brands wanted him.
Wish KJ the best, that’s all.

You have to wonder what really went down in that deal. It seemed he was all Bama until the weekend before NSD. I have been told that Saban was on the phone with his High school coach trying to get ahold of Hill on national signing day.

Best I can remember there was some (allegedly) shady business with KJ transferring to NLR. It appeared to have the potential for a mess. KJ and his family bailed when that broke (best I remember). KJ’s step dad and I messaged back and forth quite a bit. He seemed to be a good guy. I believe the entire family moved to Columbus when KJ went to The OSU.

He was a tough loss.

Dang right I wish we had him! When guys like him have opted to go elsewhere the familiar refrain has been “ good riddance - I only want guys that want to be Razorbacks!” followed by predictions he’ll be shunned by his home state, “he’ll be behind another player from INSERT STATE NAME and never play a significant role” etc etc.

It’s all rationalizing/excuse making/Ostritch behavior which is what losing programs specialize in.

Would I like to have KJ Hill? Yep! Stacy Wilkins? Absolutely. And the list goes on.

Why? I like to win and an sick of losing.

I am sure KJ and his family are well taken care of in Columbus. He is a very good player and will be forgotten a couple of years after he leaves. OSU and the Bama’s of the world run the same type progams.

Of course we all wish he’d come here. No one ever said he wasn’t a good player. I just don’t want to join the chorus of “he made the right decision’ or “I wish him well.” I don’t wish him well—at least not in football. Whether he made the right decision depends on what he wants. One thing he doesn’t want is to be a hero in his home state. He wants to be an Ohioan. That’s his business, but I have no interest in seeing Ohioans perform well. I want Arkansans to perform well. (Actually, I want Razorbacks to perform well. I’m pretty apathetic to non-Razorbacks.)

We just didn’t have enough trophies for his father to kiss or wouldn’t trade signed jerseys for tats…

Got ya - on this we are in agreement.

He might have weighed his chances of getting hurt at Arkansas compared to Ohio St and thought this is a no brainer.If he been my child with ambitions of playing on Sundays it would have been in the decision making process no doubt and I would bet he’s yet to utter the words I wished I’d stayed home ! I wish him a great and successful career because it’s the right thing to do, I wish we had him just like everyone else but it didn’t happen. WPS

We can’t worry about the players that we lost because they didn’t want to play here. Wish them well and cheer for the guys that want to be Razorbacks!

Some day I will get around to talking about this after I continued to gather some info.

But it was…something.

Same type programs? I agree. They both are elite winning programs and have thousands of happy fans every year. Arkansas? A losing program that has thousands of sadly disappointed fans each year.

Which one would you rather support?

Winners win and everybody else makes excuses!