Sure signs you might have a dumpster fire wasteland of a program -------

1.The previous regime failed to recruit ANY high school cornerbacks one year. They picked a journeyman JC recruit late and he has barely gotten on the field. The team, after that, did not have enough speed on defense or special teams after that. What a surprise.

  1. The O-line recruiting got so bad that, one year, they flipped a Fayetteville grad from a Tulsa scholarship to come as a walk-on to Arkansas and the next fall he was the starting right guard. That scenario gave a telling insight to the quality of the previous O-line recruits that he beat out.

  2. Our last year’s top two quarterbacks, left to go to Southeast Louisiana and Western Kentucky, where, although immediately eligible, they have been unable to get much playing time. They were scared off by grad transfer QB’s who were sub backups at their previous schools. After watching Starkel melt down with each subsequent interception coming from increasingly bad judgement and the 5th one being “Junior High School if not sandlot pathetic,” you really don’t have to wonder why he sat on the bench at A&M and early at Arkansas. If he is lots better than last years QBs (which he is),…that “is Arkansas really a Dumpster Fire / Wasteland of football talent?” case is now officially closed. There is no doubt about it.

I agree with most of your sentiments there, except the Starkel one.

I don’t believe Starkel is as bad a quarterback as you are making him out to be. He made some poor decisions, but I still think is the best one on campus to lead this team right now.

But I didn’t think they should have sit Joe Ferguson when he threw six interceptions in a game either.

Starkel is a good QB! Don’t pass judgment on him over 1 game and throw him under the bus.
The OL is a mess and should get better but it takes time.
You should have expecting this type of result with the youth on the roster. They will get better.

Starkel is the QB and he felt the pressure to perform last week and made some bad decisions. This week he will feel a different type pressure as our O-line has not proven itself to be able to protect a QB against a fair Sec D-line. My hope is that are QB can stay healthy while our O-line grows up and matures with each game. WPS

I, too believe Starkel will end up being a very good QB for us. In order for it to happen the OL has got to be better. We lost Gatlin in camp and then we’ll have the kid who transferred from Notre Dame next year, so hopefully next year we’ll start to see the OL get better. Also, we have to continue to recruit and develop these kids. As for the players they have to realize that they can’t overlook anyone and the coaches have to keep their foot on their necks like Nick Saban does at Bama. I do believe both the coaches and players overlooked SJS and it came back to bite them.