Sure hope they don't drop Georgia to 4

As the boys on the Big 10 championship call suggested. Does anyone really want to see Bama and Jawga turn right around and play each other again? I don’t care if they put the dawgs second or third, they should not be dropped to 4th after the season they have had.


Agree but I don’t think it’s going to happen. UGA is definitely better than Cincy., so is Bama.

I’m predicting Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, Cincy in that order.

No one wants a Bama vs Georgia championship game.

Well, would it be more accurate to say tv from other major markets don’t want a Bama/UGA championship game? There are a lot of SEC fans that do.

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My guess is, in order, Michigan, Alabama, Cincinnati, Georgia.

If that’s the case, pretty amazing that Michigan has gone from their season apparently being over after losing to Michigan State, Harbaugh can’t ever win the big one, no way he can ever beat Ohio State, to not only being in the playoffs but being ranked #1. How things can change in a few weeks. And now we have Georgia going from practically unbeatable to Kirby Smart can never beat Nick Saban. Deja vu? Perception, and reality, can change practically overnight.

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UGA and Bama won’t be in the championship game if one of them loses. They both have to win to get there. If they do, they deserve to be. Forcing them to play in the first round just so they won’t face each other in the final is bulls***.


I’m just happy that tosu, clempson, and ND aren’t invited to the playoffs.:slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I’m about as happy about who won’t be there as who is. I’m tired of Bama getting there, but at least that’s more money for the SEC and us

The ADG sports editor said the committee would pit Bama and GA against each other to avoid a rematch in the NCG. Said the committee is smart and would not allow that. Wrong again.

I do.

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Congrats, Matt. Right teams, completely wrong order.

Are they ever going to announce the placement of the other teams or is this show all about interviews with the top 4 teams’ coaches?

Good, there will be a SEC champion…

Other NY6 bowls will trickle out this afternoon. Then we’ll find out this evening.

My two guesses depending on who is #1

#1 Bama, #2 Michigan, #3 Cincinnati, #4 Georgia
#1 Michigan, #2 Bama, #3 Georgia, #4 Cincinnati (I believe this one the most)

I think they will do what ever they need to do so as not to allow for the possibility of an all SEC title game. Call it conspiracy theory or what ever you want. I just think TV and a large chunk of the anti-SEC nation don’t want to watch that. SO they will fix it where thats not a possibility.

My final I think will be Michigan and Alabama and Saban will get another ring. *SPIT*

And no one other than you wants to see the Hogs in that third tier Muzack City Bowl. LOL!

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You’re about 90 minutes late and wrong on both counts, Marty posted the answer a couple posts above you.

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