Got slammed on here couple weeks memtioming about a rumor our coach blocking folks on twitter. Just saw that he blocked our former tight end dj Williams and Williams showed where he was blocked on the morning show he is on here in Little Rock. Wish our coach wouldn’t do that or hope it’s a mistake. Reminds me of Houston mitt type scenario.

It’s one thing to block a twitter troll, but to block an Arkansas legend? Eesh


I tried to find out if it was true by going to his twitter account and seeing if those you had heard were rumored to be blocked were.

I hardly remember slamming you. Now did I?

If he is blocking people without reason, that is simply wrong.

As for Houston Nutt, was twitter even around then?

I thought he’s technology faux paus was texting thousands of messages to a woman that was not his wife.

Dudley, it’s so manly of you to wait till coaches leave before you start ripping them.

Whom did Dudley “rip,” pray tell?

It’s so manly of you to … whatever it was you did.


You can not like me, not like the way I go about things, that’s fine.

But if you are referring to Bobby Petrino, you are simply wrong.

I talked about things I didn’t like about him on the radio and on the HI message board before he left to the point that he asked to talk to me to discuss it during his last season here.

The discussion was brief. He made his points and I made mine and we moved on.

It wasn’t the first head coach to ask to talk to me about something I have said or written while here and I am sure he won’t be the last.

My wife and I knew about the affair, but as I have said I don’t see my job as TMZ.

As for his actions at the Cotton Bowl, I did not talk about those and am still not out of respect for the Cotton Bowl officials such as Charlie Fiss.

As far as acting manly, not really.

I am a 53-year-old arthritic guy whose elbows won’t bend, who hasn’t been able to run since 1991, who takes medicine weekly to be able to walk.

I was beaten near an inch of my life four years ago when I was attacked without provocation.

My fighting and “manly” days have been over for a while.


Good grief, I never knew anything at all about an attack on you. I’m sorry you had to go through an event like that. Many, many years ago I had an aunt sexually assaulted. That’s something that never goes away.

He did block DJ and I really am hoping it was a mistake.

As for all the others he has blocked, honestly I don’t blame him. With that being said, I would think he could just ignore it. If you are going to use twitter as a platform (as he should) then he really should expect that when things get rough.

DJ needs to lighten up on using criticism to make himself look good. I have seen a few of his tweets and they appeared to be grand standing.

OMG I had no idea this happened. Not sure if I missed it or if (fully understandably) it just wasn’t talked about.

So sorry that happened DD.

I wasn’t referring to you at all. However I have run into three people that heard a radio personality say on the air he had been blocked. As far as Houston nutt comment I understand twitter was not a thing back then, I was hinting at the sorta paranoia he started to exhibit when he started getting a lot of criticism. I called that play chuck

The media gets their opportunity to address the coaches at PC’S, if DJ wishes to address it with him then, that’s fine. Bielema isn’t the only one who administers his account, I think Lucy and Ricky do too.

my goodness… like we in junior high with all this who blocked who nonsense

if coach wants to block DJ or donald trump or whomever … thats fine by me

im sure he has his reasons

and i love dj when he was here but if hes saying things that might hurt program thats not cool
we struggling enough as it is

I agree. On its face, blocking DJ is inviting drama and doesn’t look good. Maybe he earned it? Hopefully it was an accident.

I like DJ. I have no idea who is to blame in this situation. Could be both. But, you are right. DJ is dramatic and likes attention. Most of us do, I suppose.


There are too few people that know how to use it civilly and respectfully. It seems to send stupidity, egotism and indecency into hyper-drive.
Used properly it is a wonderful tool for distributing information. Sadly it is rarely used that way. It sounds like CBB is trying to use it in a positive way for the Arkansas program. It is hard to believe that Johnson does not recognize that. Even apparently having his own radio show is not enough of an arena to express all of his opinions.

Guys give it a rest!!
CBB uses twitter as a tool for recruiting and not to talk to old players

DJ popping off so recruits can see it then good bye!

Just because u are fans doesn’t give u the right to be all holier-than-thou on here and attack CBB or Dudley
Some of u really need to assess ur li es if that’s all u have.

I would anticipate we will get to the bottom of that very soon.