Supposedly SEC official football schedule

I’ll gladly take that

Ross said in the thread below that this is his guess. I’d take it too. But if they had to keep one of our trophy games, that’s the one I’d least like to keep. Maybe Bazzel will make a ridiculously large trophy for the Texass game now too.


That definitely needs to be the trophy game from here on out… I don’t think anybody would have any problem accepting that… I don’t think anybody’s ever liked Missouri being associated with any kind of rivalry

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Yes, nobody in Arkansas gives a hoot about Missouri — and nobody likes the game. It has -0- appeal.

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Let’s hope we can finally do better on the scoreboard against Mizzou.


I’d be thrilled with that. I don’t want another trophy game. Bazz has been great for the UA with these promotions, but too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. If every game is “special” then no game is special. Besides, Bazz’s trophies are too big & heavy. They don’t have to be big to be meaningful.

Yeah I would have been okay with the Boot only. BLR was a little much, even knowing that the SEC and the schools decided we needed another “rival.” Rivalries develop from meaningful games, not because somebody decided to force-feed one.

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Florida and Oklahoma just doesn’t calculate for me. One of them is getting a short straw.

I don’t think so. No one in Texas would be enamored with “owning” Arkansas for a year, via a trophy. They’d laugh, as they did in the past, or maybe do now.

They are not the same team they used to be… I don’t think they’re going to be owning us anytime soon…I was mainly speaking on the Arkansas side of things as far as nobody having a problem with it

still have the trophy games just be holding onto or have a vacant spot in the football center for more than a year for the Boot whenever LSU is played

I would take that in a heartbeat. My two least favorite teams are the shorthorns and the rebnecks. I also want to beat up on ZOU for the foreseeable future. We owe them.


Somebody had to get Oklahoma. The A&M-LSU thing meant it couldn’t just be a Big 12 reunion.

Analyzing this with regard to the have/have-not distribution (again, have and have-not is subject to change):

Misery: One have
Us: One have, two have-nots (and that’s being generous to Texass)
A&M: Two haves
Texas: Two haves
Mobilehoma: Two haves
LSU: Two haves
Ole Miss: One have
Moo U: One have
Bama: Two haves, possibly three (Mustard is borderline)
Auburn: Two haves
Vandy: One have, one borderline
Mustard: One have
Kentucky: One have
Georgia: Two haves
Florida: Two haves
Poultry: One have, one borderline.

So it appears that they did try to give the haves two haves and the have-nots one have.

BTW @SwineFusion (and others). We need a better nickname for the ZOU tiggers. Misery is fine (just not for the state). Hey, I’m from SW Missouri. There are lots of Hog fans and Arkansas alumni in that part of the state.

I’m always open to suggestions. I’ve been trying to figure out for years why their student section is called the Antlers (do tigers in Misery have antlers?).

Could do something like the Tabbies but we can probably do better than that.

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I just think we need to start beating Mizzou more…. They have owned us…


It seems very likely that the Aggies will be one of our rotating opponents.

The new schedule will start in 2024, which is also the last year of our agreement to play Texas A&M in Arlington.

What happens if the Aggies are not on our schedule that year?

Do they just end the agreement after this season, or would our next game against them be played at Jerry World?

(I know there’s a good chance they would be on our schedule that year to help complete the contract. It would be a 50-50 shot at getting them anyway, but I was just wondering what might happen if they aren’t.)

I suspect you’re right, the Ags will be one of our 2024 opponents. But I don’t think they’ll be a permanent rival. I think Ross probably has it right. But anyway, play it in JerryWorld, complete the contract and go home and home from there. On the rotation, A&M would be the “home” team in 24, but they may not be able to maintain the rotation while totally redoing everyone’s schedule. But if they keep A&M as the “home” team, then the next meeting should be in RRS.

I brought up the issue of us being owed a home game in this series a few weeks back. Fully expect to be screwed by the SEC schedulers once again when this plays out.

As usual.

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Saw this about the Antlers. A lot of tradition here (lol).

The name Antlers, having nothing to do with the University of Missouri, stems from a dance being performed by the Antlers during a basketball game. The dance closely resembled one from a skit from the 9/18/76 Lily Tomlin Saturday Night Live episode that had recently aired.[2] In the skit, Tomlin danced with her hands at the side of her head, fingers outstretched like she had antlers.