Superintendents sign to allow Arkansas commitment Nick


Thank the Lord!

Sorry, but it reads like the charges are all accurate but all dropped. Surprise.

Good grief….and I had just posted in another thread on this and now he is eligible….someone pressured someone that got pressure from someone way above them!

Indeed Jeremy…indeed!

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With all due respect, Bob, I bet you are a lot of fun at parties. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great news. As Jeremy said, there were some danger signs regarding OTE that was being talked about, I don’t know for real or just a threat.

Oh, it was a possibility - a definite real one.

"The joint statement read the superintendents extensively conferred with AAA and after additional conversations over the last two days, it became apparent the AAA is not prepared to resolve this issue. Both school districts agreed there were violations of AAA rules but have determined this was at no fault of the student-athlete or family.

"The statement also read the entire process uncovered several concerns related to AAA rules, procedures, systems and accountability structure. There is a significant lack of clarity which causes confusion and inconsistent interpretations and then listed several concerns."

I liked the above statement from the superintendents pointing out the problems with the AAA rules. It was clear that the student and his parents did nothing wrong, but were being punished.

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The school members are the ones who come up with the rules. The AAA enforces.

The board makes up the rules voted on by the schools. ADs have no votes. The principals vote.

And I state again, I don’t think the AAA was doing anything wrong, just following the rules set forth by its members and making sure all forms were signed and in place.

Yes it was

Explain. The schools basically make the rules and AAA enforces.

Has the AAA agreed to all this? I somehow missed that in the story

I was replying to Dudley’s comment about OTE

Superintendents being able to sign off on a kid is part of the AAA handbook, so yes.

A Changing Schools/Athletic Participation (CSAP) document stating that the student was not
recruited and did not change schools for athletic purposes must be signed prior to participation by:
a. The superintendent or designated administrator of the previous school.
b. The superintendent or designated administrator of the new school.
c. The parent(s) or legal

I think the public pressure had a major impact. I think most could see this coming.

Article in today’s paper may have been the final pressure point. It was good investigative reporting. You and Erick Taylor did a bang up job.

Pardon my ignorance but what does OTE stand for?

OTE? Sorry, probably stupid question, what is OTE?